Holy Power creep!.. Well.u dont have to worry about hard to find meta m6+ drops anymore with dlc3

Literally multiple smgs that blow koason away.
A true sandhawk ina diamond gun. A hyperion that does all the stuff a koason does.

A sniper rifle that should be a rocket launcher lmao

A near infinite ammo as long as you crit, heavy damage shotgun

Well the harolds back.(its not true explosions)

A version of the flood that doesnt have its drawbacks… I wonder if it can be a masher.

A cov pistol which is pretty insane…

Ok good torgue assault rifle.

So many damn good weapons…

Just sucks if ya dont have the dlc… They shoulda added invincibles shops and a slaughter for earch dlc to make it worth it.


I do love me some power, creep. I only wish I could depend on it to remain powerful.


this is only partially power creep and partially buffs to whole gun classes like pistols some ars and shotties. the older weapons u may have are also insane like hellshock or masher yeeti the new call shotty is not exactly meta powerful. i am strictly speaking about guns with no anoints what anoints do to the game we all know. recursion got even more ridiculous as it received maliwan buff. overall i do not mind these changes if finally most of the rocket launchers and snipers also vladof ar’s will get the rebalancing touch.

so far really broken good is only maliwan sniper (they keep doing this ■■■■ to malwian snipers tbh they are all pretty much ahead of the field with only competiton bein sandhawk and unseen threat/on lvl wedding invitation is ridiculous btw…

bottom line is when the powercreep includes a bigger variety of guns it can be then taken as base line for developers and actually easily buff underperformers. i mean look at magnificent vs new vladof pistols. one thing i am supper stocked about is that maliwan shotties got it so good right now. (fk recursion)

From what I saw on Youtube, DLC3 weapons are not soooo OP.

Seems you got lured by level cap increase + manufacturers overhaul on last patch.
You may compare DLC3 with updated previous content at max level and see for yourself.

I also feel the scaling curve is getting more exponential than additional, previous levels where about +10/+20% in damage, where there is something like +50% between L57M8 and L60M8 gun damage. I guess L60M10 gets higher, and I also guess L64 would be about +100% from L60 following that trend.

Which means Mayhem will get easier, if the scaling continues this way (as layers of Mayhem supposedly don’t increase enemy damage, only their health).

Op weapons get people playing the game, farming for them.

That way the shareholders can see the play hours are up

The guns will be nerfed and the cycle will continue onto DLC 4


Not all of the new stuff is good. There’s a really underwhelming Torgue Launcher that shoots 4 stickies that barely do any damage and a super low damage Vladof spini-gun with a grenade launcher attached that also doesn’t really do any damage.


So couple these with the newly buffed action skills and the new melee Guardian skill and the only things that don’t get one-shot are enemies with invulnerable phases.
Balancing and QA can’t fail this hard, we’re just beta testing an extreme version of the dev build again.

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My fav is the Light Show(new Vladof pistol)

Shredding ■■■■ with Amara


Um, they are very OP… Especially the new torgue AR and the Unkempt…

I actually solo’d the GTD with both.

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I don’t know if it’s just me being insanely tired of the save/quit thing or if they loading times on console are now just completely intolerable. It literally takes the game longer to load than me to run to and kill a boss. It’s obnoxious beyond belief.


Well usually one map will have two or.maybe 3 things u can kill. Do a rotation on the dlc areas.

I don’t even care about the recursion when ya can do millions of dps. It just feels easier to kill mobs provided u crit em. Hell plague bearer is so sick even post nerf but that new sniper…oh jeezues!

End the game with ase cannon

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Yea, I’ve found almost all of the new guns and honestly, most of them are really awesome and strong. Especially the Complex Root, that thing is utterly insane, I love it.

Flipper, Light show, new Hyperion smg, Robin’s Call, Bloom, Root, Harold are all very, very good. Also the new cov pistol Gargoyle is insane on Amara

Build a cheap PC then. I have all multiple generations old hardware which wasn’t even high end and pull 90-144+fps depending on max settings vs high settings and 4-6 second load times at worst without leaving anything overclocked. You could build a better rig for 500 USD easily enough as certain newer cards are worth less than one of my two gfx cards while being better than both combined even in the rare game that actually utilizes both well. It’s cheaper than a new gen console will be especially considering cheaper games. Build shortly after the next gen cards drop for even better value. My outdated rig will still kick as hard as next gen consoles, and if I traded my cards in for a newer single card I could get more power and dollars in my pocket simultaneously thanks to crypto mining holding value of outdated parts these days.

It’s win-win-win all around. Crypto mining is the best thing to happen to PC upgrading as old parts retain value so well. For most things it’s like a half off rebate to cash in upon upgrading.

Join the dark side and experience power you can’t even comprehend.

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Or how about they just make the consul experience better?

I was farming Traunt last night to get a Level 60 shield.
With Traunt my FL4K would usually use a Sandhawk.
For Kicks I decided to try my Light Show to see what happens.
Hopped down in Fadeaway, did my maneuver to get behind him, and took him out with just less than one mag. Was hilarious. I do like this pistol.

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Loving the Stonethrower masher on ttb Amara.

Yep, PC life forever! Pc is the optimal gaming experience, you get so many more options than a console and you don’t need a super expensive rig to produce results.

That being said, the new Xbox and Ps5 coming out this year will essentially be as powerful as a current upper-mid range, low high end pc. People need to remember that the current gen consoles are OLD tech lol

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It’s an issue of these consoles not having enough power relative to the demands of the game.

Best way to solve it is set a limit on particles effect and projectiles simultaneously whether through invisible or non spawning methods ala Diablo 2’s 1024 cap or whatever it was. It’s too many simultaneous calculations etc. The game just had those machines at their absolute limit. Limiting the game is the only real solution.

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