Holy shit is it real?

Thorns are dumb character too but everyone still plays her. At least he had the bright idea to build a robot suit instead of grabbing a friggen bow.

I guess I like the concept (kinda), and the design isn’t TOO bad, but yea… that f**king name. My guess is it’s satire or something.

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You obviously know nothing about Thorn.


I’ve never thought Thorn looks dumb… she is fine.


I hope he’s just small looking because there’s no one eise around him.

In the new characters pic, him and (who I assume is) Empress Lenore look taller than everyone else.

EDIT: Ahh, the website did not show the picture. No need to edit your OP.

Also, please don´t trick out the swearword filter, its against our simple Forum Rules .

His looking and name is so weird… I LIKE IT



Ernest’s Ult?

He’s talking about the next to be released Battleborn character…

Just edited my post - the Forum is veeery buggy to me today, the picture did not show up when I visited this topic the first two times and I was very confused.
So its just me being confused & Discourse being weird :sweat_smile:

This char looks…well…Megaman has a new sibling I guess… I…I really don´t like it :sob: Not that I was expecting Nova, but this makes me a bit sad -.-

@kdh5559 everything is okay, no worries :heart: I did not saw the picture you uploaded, somehow its buggy and only sjowed up when I visited your topic the third time. Just a bit confusion on my side.

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can I ask what means edit my OP?
am I should delete this?
or move it another section(?)?
It’s too hard to read that link site to me.

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He was just saying that you should be a lot more specific as to what your topic is about in your topic title.

@Ganjamira No worries my friend!

Did you mean booster gold???


Oh my gawd. STAAAAAAAWP it. QUIT IT.

That name… ugh. Tough one. I hoped for a simple robot. But a kid in a suit… nay.

It won’t matter if Kiddo plays alright. But this one won’t be my favorite ever…

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um… a…
I want to saying is "Kid Ultra looks too bad."
that’s the only thing I want to appeal.

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I’m guilty for liking Kid ULTRA !!! :smiley:


I hope it is a joke or something like that.

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@kdh5559 I ment it would be good to be more specific about what you talk in your first post/“Original Post”/OP.
No need to delete anyhing here.
I did not saw the picture you uploaded, it just showed up when I reloaded the website twice, thats why I was highly confused what you were talking about and thought you talk about Ernest.

So no worries - I´m just a very confused moderator with laggy internet :sweat_smile:

Thats…This…Well, Megaman got a new sibling I guess… I…I…really don´t like it :sob: Not that I was expecting Nova, but his/her design looks so generic -.-

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I really don’t think it is.

It totally fits the back left silhouette in the “5 new DLC characters” image.

um… that guy looks little better than kid ultra.


Thanks Discourse, now I thought my first post got lost in cyberspace and wrote it anew - and now there are two posts :expressionless: Sorry for the purple spam…