Holy shit this game looks amazing now

I just finished the download, and now I get to watch Whiskey Foxtrot preform the tea ceremony in 60 frames! THIS GAME IS NOW NEARING PERFECTION.

Now all you need to do is buff Whiskey Foxtrot, Oscar Mike, and Mellka, and I think we’ll have a perfect game on our hands!

Jesus, how did I ever even PLAY in 30 fps?! The difference is shocking.


Right? Crispy.

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Like a Lays Potato Chip.

I’ll have to spend some more time playing, but it looks like 90% of the problems people had with this game have just been fixed. xD

@Jythri PLEASE get on that free trial mode. MORE PEOPLE MUST EXPERIENCE THIS GAME. Even if they are too stingey to pay 16 dollars for a physical copy.


So wait, is this on all consoles

the whole update was nice - 60 FPS is just icing on the cake at this point


Feels like the game that we should of had at release, pre update pales in comparison. From UI to quality of life changes and character adjustments (new content and Beatrix also). The game feels much sturdier in 60fps, if that makes sense.


You even dont get stuck in the corners of boxes, walls or stairs anymore. You simply just bounce out of it and can keep going…

I thought the same thing the minute that lobby screen hit. My only two gripes are:

  1. I had to change team colors back because orange minions on Monuments… come on. It’s like BB camo for them.
  2. The character select screen is going to take some getting used to. Like a lot. I miss the old screen. :frowning:

Outside of that, I’m absolutely amazed at the end result of this overhaul.

Hmm buff Melka…

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It’s certainly different, but I see the intent: new players should have an immediate clue as to the role of the character they’re picking and, since they’ll have 25 to choose from the get-go, that’s going to be really important.

Also, being able to “favourite” your skin and taunt is a nice touch.

A few months back I made a comment here that this could be a great game when it’s finished. Might finally be there now.

And yeah…so many console players never gave this game a chance when it ran at 30fps. Big mistake releasing a competitive multiplayer game in that state. Hopefully they will give it a shot now.


On the character select can you switch out and pick another character now?

Idk about you guys but I miss the old one. Not saying the new is bad but I just miss the old one.

I haven’t had a chance to play yet. Hopefully will get into it tonight. Took a long hiatus from this game due to many other games releasing and just life in general. One thing I hope works is the new gear layouts. It was so OCD before had to constantly manage the gear by deleting repeats after each match to open up more slots. The new gear was not visible until you opened up new slots so if I didn’t get any repeats after deleting one I’d have to look through them all again to see which didn’t make the cut. Just seemed really time consuming and I couldn’t figure out a good way to do it.

My face when playing the Prologue at 22% downloaded image

This update was a serious upgrade to Battleborn. It’s amazing how much crisper and sharper everything looks. The art pops. Bravo, Gearbox!


It’s beautiful. Basically a new game.

The difference is staggering and I never thought I’d even care about the fps increase.


Not sure about Xbone but Ps4 and Ps4 pro both got it.

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It’s on all consoles.


Did they fix the command menu glitch on PS4? Was a nasty bug for a while but I haven’t played for several months either so maybe it has already been resolved. Was always a major gamble to check command menu for fear it would freeze and I’d have to reset the game.

The command menu glitch was fixed in the previous update. This one has many, many improvements in it. It’s worth spending a few hours taking a look.


I am so pleased with this update!
I don’t feel so exhausted looking through the visually busy menu anymore. The menus make sense and the fps thing is amazing! I couldn’t really play the PVP before since my FPS was so terrible, but now I might actually give it a whirl :D!