"Home Sweet Home" mission claptrap stuck

after trying to access jacks office, i follow claptrap then the box checks, then the tornado appears and the box unchecks and claptrap just hangs thereimage

Yeah, I had this issue 4 days ago, I had to save and exit to the main menu, then continue and Claptrap is where he should be so you can continue on with the mission.

Not perfect, but it worked. :slight_smile:

so its not just me. thanks. no big deal i think i just fast traveled to concordia and back and he was where he was supposed to be. Cant really complain due to how awesome the series is but i just pray to God that my steam refund gets back into my account before the sale is over so I can afford Tales From The Borderlands. I am willing to pay 5 dollars for the 5 bonuses + skins. and I may even end up playing the Telltale game as their games are really nice, though not exactly one of my main styles