Homeopathological was not designed with Fl4k in mind, huh?

My pet shot Tern and then tried to revive me immediately. Then the objective changed to kill him.


The same happened to me and on my first playthrough with Amara specced into Do unto others. Took me a 3th playthrough with Moze to finally get it.

Also I think splash damage can trigger the “confirm panels” in the Microtransaction quest which is similiar annoying.

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Deathtrap does the same thing in BL2: when Lilith gives you the choice to finish Handsome Jack or let her do it, Deathtrap immediately dusts him. It’s kind of funny if you’re actually role playing a little, but if you really want to give that to Lilith, Deathtrap can at least time out so you can bank him for these sorts of things.

I haven’t done every side mission… is this the only one where a live pet will trigger like this?


Dunno, this is my first Fl4k playthrough

Yeah that’s the only one my pet messed with a mission objective for me.

Not exactly the same thing, but IIRC the pet always attacks Kevin on Sanctuary too if you have that mission active.

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same with zane’s clone and drone, it’s actually good for testing on a live flesh target lol

They attack Kevin after the mission too.

That’s RIGHT! Cuz screw Kevin! :rofl:

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um…red suit…

…didn’t work out on my first fl4k run…but it wasn’t my skag’s fault…

Had something similiar with the Bureaucrat Bot and Ember’s Blaze because I didn’t realized that it wasn’t a visual effect of the DLC but the shields aura.

Now I have to run the DLC a third time just to experience the other outcome :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

the other outcome isn’t all that great, you just don’t kill the annoying robot, that moves incredibly slow if you don’t use the gold bell on his back and forth.

Imagining gaige being like:

“ohhhhhh… Yeah shoot…sorry about that one…eeewww…”
-wipes blood off Lillith’s shoulder-

I was wearing an Impaler at the time. That robot immediately got hit with 5 projectiles from my shield.