Homeworld 1 & 2 Classic Issues

Two Things:

  • Homeworld Classic doesn’t have any widescreen resolutions selectable in the options. I was under the impression that proper widescreen support was being added in to Homeworld 1 & 2 Classic. Was that not the case? You went to the trouble of taking out all of the multiplayer (I know GameSpy is dead, but LAN support didn’t have to go), I would’ve thought adding widescreen resolutions would be cake.
  • Homeworld 2 Classic crashes to desktop immediately. This doesn’t appear to be the AMD crash to desktop issue, since Remastered and HW1 Classic both work fine.
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In Classic, you get alternate resolutions with command line and/or registry settings. Google for them.

I haven’t fiddled myself, going through the Remastered HW1 first. I think there’s a problem for me with 3 monitors – HW1 came up in 1280x1024, but split midway between screen 1 and 2, which isn’t gonna work.

Yes, I’m aware of the registry settings, which existed for the disc version as well, and also cause issues with the movement disc behaviour. I had thought that they were fixing it so that we no longer had to edit our registry to play in widescreen.

Apparently I was wrong.

Sorted out the Homeworld 2: Classic crashing issue. Driver incompatibility issue with the latest AMD drivers. Rolling back to earlier drivers sorted it out.

And lo and behold, Homeworld 2: Classic has the widescreen resolutions available in the options. So it’s just Homeworld 1 that didn’t get any love there.

Why they could Not manage to Play hw1 classic in modern Multiplayer Network?

No LAN on classic games? It was in classic versions and it works fine and have Gameranger/ Tungle support. Why did you remove it? That’s awesome, keep destroying another franchise…