Homeworld 1 assault frigates are flat out bad

The taiidan and kushan assault frigates are just flat out bad at there job as anti fighter anti corvette. their aim is awful, and the damage they do is (especially to corvettes) is extremely low. their shots hit about one third of the time on strike craft even if they are immobilized by a gravity well generator, and only about half their shots hit a frigate class or higher. the taiidan are especially problematic and have a tenancy to face their engines toward their target disallowing them to shoot at their designated target. has anyone else noticed this?

They are certainly not bad vs fighters or corv swarms. Send 50 attack bombers vs about 5 assault frigs and watch the bombers be destroyed in no time at all. This is the bug IMO that they are too accurate vs fast moving craft if u ask me. Its all because they no longer burst fire like in hw1 but now rapid fire by using one gun after another’s whereas in hw1 original all the guns shoot at the same time.

in all honesty, i have only tested them against homeworld 2 strike craft. accuracy against moving strike craft asside, there is no reason for the lack of accuracy against non moving targets and larger capital ships. what about the problem ive had where they face the wrong way. have you noticed anything like that?

TBH i wouldnt mind the low accuracy if frigates could tank like the capital ships they are