Homeworld 1 classic: need help using my salvage corvettes

i’ve read guides, walkthroughs on the main single mission. im on mission 5…

i know the key to beating the missions is to salvage the enemies heavy hitters

but i run into an issue that no matter what the enemy ships are doing, they will switch targets and attack destroy all my salvage vettes when they get in range when i attempt to salvage them…

i try to distract them first, with some frigates, and a squadron of fighters mixed with some heavy corvettes. so we are duking it out… then i slip my 10 or whatever amount of salvagers, but they get attacked once they are in range.

if i manage to be able to start the salvaging process on a few enemy frigates or so, it doesn’t matter because the frigates, corvettes, fighters will attack and destroy the latched on salvagers.

so what am i doing wrong?? am i supposed to approach them from their “belly” , port/starboard, or rear? am i supposed to use a support frigate in the same group as my salvagers so that the frigate will heal them when they are damaged (is it even automatic, or do i have to do it manually?).

ill probably try 1 final run, and have 1 big group of frigs, vettes, fighters, salavagers… and see how the enemy reacts… . but in the meantime…

thanks in advance.

First off, you need to keep the fighters away from your salvagers. That means, keep corvettes close by. Second, you can support your salvagers with repair corvettes. Assign a repair corvette to each salvager beforehand. Assault frigates are going to be your worst nightmare. If you can deal with the enemy fighters you shouldn’t have too much trouble with the cap ships.
[edit] You need to capture all the intended targets at the same time. That way you don’t have loose ships fragging your salcaps.


when you say to

“Assign a repair corvette to each salvager beforehand”, do you mean to click on a repair corvette, hold G, then left click on a salvage corvette?? if by doing so, they will heal the corvette automatically when it gets dmged??

nope. Special function key to repair (Z if my memory is good). Hold “Z” and drag a box of ally ships to be repaired upon being damaged.

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