Homeworld 1 First Person Mode

There used to be a flag you could pass on the command line when launching Homeworld 1. This enabled cockpit view (or first person mode) by pressing q when a ship was selected. I wonder if this will be in the remaster . . .

I don’t think that it will be included, since the game uses the Homeworld 2 engine. Also I haven’t seen any mods that enable that sort of function. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t be seeing it in the future.

I’m not sure if we can access the old forums to show you the quote but it was de-confirmed by Venom there, he said that post-release they might bring out some things that will help the community mod it in. Either way, pilot view is not going to be present on release day.

In Cataclysm it actually wasn’t that great anyway funny but after 5 minutes boring in some sort. Never the less if they bring us a Cataclysm dlc that feature has to be included of course. Perhaps even extended to a degree that you actually see things out of a cockpit or of a bridge. But well the amount wont justify the means. Besides there is one game under construction where you can do just that. In a sort a x10 better bridge commander. I forgot the name but you can find it on steam along with numerous trailers.

I rather sure it is in there (dev tools for moving and locking the camera etc) But being able to do it and it being useful in game or even looking good? another matter and thus something not to put in.
ie geometry blocking view, even though you are looking out from the back of the normals, effectively forcing the type of clipping, other parts of the game stops you from doing.
It should be cool to be able to enable it, and even set a off set. But this is seriously don’t even bother for a while thing.

There was another topic about this on the old boards i believe.

I think it is agreed that while pilot view was cool. It was more of a novelty than anything. It was totally useless as far as game play. Basically it gave a few "Oooohhh’s, and Ahhhh’s. but not much else.

If its not in RE then i am not gonna sweat it.

Bitvenom also suggested the possibility of a more flexible camera system, though perhaps not in release version, with stuff like a camera on a turret. That’d be fun! And might be handy for cutscene things.

Oh ya I remember reading that @eatthepath .

I can already imagine a battlestar galactica like close up on missile tubes firing towards hostile ships. :stuck_out_tongue: To bad though that the remasters wont and will never get a sp map editor…

Yeah, this would be useful for cutscenes and YouTube trailers. Not so much for gameplay.

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Not to mention all round general awesomeness of seeing a fighter in action through its own perspective.