Homeworld 1 HOD files

Are extracted files of Homeworld 1 still floating around the net? RelicNews is long gone and I’m looking for the HOD files to the research ships in Homeworld 1, specifically how latch paths are setup for successive research ships being built.

After the release of the patch 2.0, the files HOD no opened, you need to find the wound version of the game where they are still open!
I personally open in version v1.30.

I think he means the original hw1…

original or remaster, I would just like to know if they are latch paths of the parent research ship or if each research ship has its own latch path and they dock in sequence.

Not sure about the original, but the remastered research ships are a bit of a special case. I believe they are partly hard-coded. There are only two HOD files “kus_researchship.HOD” and “kus_researchship_1.HOD”. @shadowwinterknig may be able to tell you more, I think he was the one who made it rotate for the 2.3 patch…

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