Homeworld 1 maps and AI pathing

I have been having major difficulty with the Homeworld 1 maps. First I’d like to point out, if they have gas cloud harvesting and nebulae harvesting, why aren’t they in Fields of Plaz or Radiam symmetry or Hyperspace Arena. Second, The asteroids have too low RU count and are too far apart from one another, playing as either of the races is really tedious on those maps. I hope this gets fixed soon, because right now me and my friends can’t even play on any of the homeworld 1 maps, they simply don’t work properly.

This brings me to the second issue, anyone tried playing on fields of plaz? Good luck moving your capitals around that map, you literally have to hyperspace them or they’re gonna derp around and go anywhere but the green line you want them to follow. I believe this is because the asteroid fields are too large and the collision boxes are too large for asteroids. I hope this gets fixed, I really like the homeworld 1 maps, thank you

What he said