Homeworld 1 Remastered Mission 10

Where’s the dust!? That is all… Is there a strong I can change until a fix is done? Some graphical settings perhaps?

I could see it just fine. Not sure why some people are saying otherwise.

You should see some lanes of sparce dots on the sensors manager (zoom out) theres one going from you to the middle then to the enemy. Thats what you follow. You wont see it outside of sensors manager except a tiny rock here and there. So my advice is follow it through using sensors manager oh and move a carrier over to the ru fields then build ru collectors would be a good idea too as they die traveling to the ru pockets tho im sure they used to have a path to them safely but i couldnt find it in the remastered. :confused:

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It was extremely hard to see for me as well. I had to really manipulate the sensors manager in order to see the dust. I have all the graphic settings turned all the way up and running it at 1920 x 1080. Some one mentioned turning down the aliasing and you can see the debris better. If i remember right, didn’t the original show height markers in the sensors manager (how far above and below the veins were from the center plain) periodically throughout the debris veins?

The collectors never pathed to them safely. In HW1 I outright didn’t bother harvesting in them as it was too much of a chore; in HW1R resources are auto-harvested when you quick-dock so it wasn’t an issue.