Homeworld 2 ancient doubt


I’m a fan of Homeworld and so happy that the Remastered series is being released… A couple of years ago I’ve searched for news and at that time hope of anything of this magnitude was unthinkable. So thanks! Ready to buy :wink:

Now, about my doubt (and please don’t laugh :slight_smile: ! ). As I’ve mentioned, I was (am) a fan of Homeworld and played many hours. After finishing it I went frantic to buy Homeworld 2, that I did. After installing it I was so disappointed because the game seemed like an arcade game with little ships shooting each other (!?). None of the fantastic 3D graphics, game play found on Homeworld. I tried a couple of times and then gave up, never played HW 2. My surprise is now seeing videos on YouTube with beautiful / similar Homeworld graphics so I’m thinking what the heck did I do wrong that HW2 on my system was “a different game”? Can you please comment? Is this strange no?


Could you elaborate on how the game seemed like an arcade game in ways that the youtube stuff you’re seeing didn’t?

The intro / story videos were the same up to the moment that the game started. Then I was presented with a chart / map where the ships were represented, small icons shooting at each other; and all the game play was done on the map, no 3D graphics, only representations on the map… For instance first mission, I would select the squadron on the map send it to destroy the drones and everything happened on the map, as it was a kind of arcade game, the ships shooting the drones in 2D but not going to 3D… For sure I was doing something wrong now that I look at the videos…

Yes… You were doing something wrong for sure, as to what, not sure. Did you try to exit out of the sensors manager?

Safe to say, yes you did something wrong. Though I am perplexed how you could forget the sensor manager?

This reminds me of the “opened pizza wrong side up” stories…
How can someone who apparently played the original not know what a sensors manager is? Or how to get out of it.
Did you not play the tutorial at all either?


There’s a low detail, large scale view mode called the sensor’s manager, you get in and out of it with spacebar. Mission events sometimes take you to it to show you more of the map at once. It sounds like that’s what you were seeing.

Right, I know about the sensor manager – I’ve finish Homeworld. Did it changed so much between HW and HW2? Something happen, can’t explain what… I’m anxious to go back to HM2 original version that comes with RM and check it again… Just to see… Could my machine specs at the time influence this behavior? I had a quad core with 2 GB RAM running I think Vista.

Nice story about the pizza… :wink: Perhaps the problem was between the chair and the computer… :smiley:

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both games are very very similar, I think the biggest thing was HW2 had a better build and research menu. Most other things usability wise was more or less the same. (and to head off a “but this or that changed” from a random person I not talking about fuel or build cues here But UI and look)

I’m starting to think you may have had the tactical overlay enabled with NLIPS turned off at the same time. That might have produced the effect you were seeing: really tiny or nonexistent ships encapsulated by the tactical overlay icons (rectangles, ovals, etc.) shooting each other.

Does this sound about right? I remember hitting the tac-overlay key by mistake a bunch of times and it threw me for a loop :stuck_out_tongue:

well, you know that george carlin quote…