Homeworld 2 Classic engine trail bug

In Homeworld 2 Classic, strikecraft and missile engine trails have a strange bug with the way they are displayed (this doesn’t happen on my original CD version of the game I have installed).

This is a screenshot of the problem:

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What video card and what driver version are you using?

Nvidia GTX 970 with drivers 347.52.

Again, I am not having this problem in my old copy of Homeworld 2, only on the Gearbox Homeworld 2 Classic version. So I doubt it is related to my video card drivers.

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This is happening to me also. AMD Radeon 6950 HD. Also saw it on a video comparison on Youtube.

Are you one of those AMD users like me that had to use a older ati dll to get it to run?
I’m sure that issue is unrelated to this problem.

Nvidia GTX 770 here, I’m seeing the exact same issue. This video illustrates the issue very well. When I run HW2 Classic, the engine trails get all messed up.

Yep, im seeing this also, after I got the game to work with an older atioglxx.dll file (cuz i have an AMD vga).

I’m also having this issue on an AMD Radeon HD 6870. I didn’t have to do any DLL switching to get it to work though.

I was playing the CD version of Homeworld 2 before the remastered release and it was fine.

I have the same issue too. And I noticed that this problem always come with heavy lags. The frequency of the trail break matches the frequency of lag.

Don’t know why this happen, is it something about wide-screen support?

Same here, and funny thing that retail version hasn’t this bug and works just fine… Oh, and i am missing multiplayer LAN mode, in retail it works fine too. Oh, and HM2 classic hasn’t support for 1440x900 resolution. Good job GBX…

Nope, didn’t have to do anything with dlls to run it.

Try using the command line flags here:


Tried on another computer which didn’t use wide screen, and the problem disappeared. This computer even have worse video cards and cpu and memory bars. It looks like the wide-screen support is the only possibility that causes this problem.

I have this problem too (AMD Radeon HD 7950, and I did have to revert back to a 2013 version of atioglxx.dll to get the game running). Changing to a non-widescreen resolution does not fix the issue. Altivias, I think it’s just a case of your other computer doesn’t have this glitch (nothing to do with widescreen).

You are right, when I returned to my previous computer, I changed the resolution of the game but the problem is still there.
The wired thing is, when you zoom out, the trail will be just fine. But when you zoomed in, it will appeared to be broke.

I am also currently having the same problem on a 880M.

The trails in Homeworld 2 are broken.

This is kind of OT, but anyone know if its difficult at all to apply the water trail mod we had for the original homeworld 2? Those water trails looked way better, I know it was something relic originally planned to use, then didn’t. I forget why.