Homeworld 2 classic engine trails messed up

The engine trails for homeworld 2 classic on the remastered collection are choppy and messed up. anyone know of a fix?


Getting the same problem here. It’s looking like this might be a bug with the game that everyone is experiencing, but not enough people are playing HW2 Classic to notice and post. (Only reason I decided to fire up HW2:C was to play FX Mod, and the trails were bugged even in the mod.)

There’s another thread about this here, with screenshots:

It’s not fixed as of Update #2.

It appears that the most detailed LOD of the engine trails has incorrect horizontal scaling of the trail effect, resulting in ugly choppiness. As soon as you zoom out to get a lower LOD, the problem subsides. This bug makes the game unplayable in my opinion, as it completely ruins the Homeworld battle aesthetic.

The engine trail bug is the reason i disliked HW2: C. I wanted to play complex mod 9.1 but after some time i started to notice alot of lag (Gearbox fixed this right?). And the chopiness of the strikecraft and torpedo trail bug ruins the gamplay for me.

I hope Gearbox can fix this problem and also can make sure that the game runs smooth. Because there are still people playing the game!