Homeworld 2 Classic mod not working

Hello, im trying to install a mod for homeworld 2 classic. After i extract the .big file, then i open my game. When the game is open, i can see that the menus are different, which is good. But when i go to cpu vs player, the mod’s ship models are not working. What could be causing this problem? And also, i checked that the file is not corrupt.

Do you have the - overrideBigFile command line parameter added?

No, i only have the launch parameters set to -mod and the dot big file followed by that.

Hm, I think your way is correct for the Remastered. My mistake.

This is not the remastered, im using homeworld 2 classic from the remastered collection.

What do you mean by extracting the .big file? You extracted all of its contents?

I mean i extracted the .big file from the .zip to the data folder of homeworld 2 classic.

I got it working now!