Homeworld 2 Mission 2: elite corvettes and transports hyperspacing solution

So, I was already working on modifying a few aspects of the HW2 campaign for remastered and saw this post:

I’ve been using a modified HW2 campaign for quite some time, so I already forgot about some of the vanilla remastered issues that I have already solved in mine.

The issue is really caused by the transport ships disappearing and then hyperspacing in the parade formation causing an early trigger of the next even and canceling the launch of the Elite Gunship Corvettes, so loses out on the valuable perk that they should get by saving all six bishop cruisers.

Since this issue didn’t happen in the classic, I compared the mission .lua file to the classic version and found that there were some additional lines in the remastered.

SobGroup_ParadeSobGroup( "Convoy_1", "PlayerMothership", 1)

This was found on “function Rule_Convoy1DockedAndLaunched()” and there is that rule for every transport ship. But this line is causing the transport ships to force launch from the MS, making them to hyperspace, maybe that is why this line was not included in the classic HW2.

So commenting out this lines cause the transport ships to move correctly from the MS latching point to its correct parade formation. This should give enough time for the Elite Gunships to launch from the mothership, but I would recommend giving a:

                HW2_Wait ( 10 ),

At the beginning of the “Events.intelevent_standbyForHyperspace” just to make sure, or raising it up to 50 to allow the transport ship to reach its parade slot, for a better cosmetic look.

I wish @BitVenom can look at this post, this should lessen the required “energy to change it”, and make people a bit happier.


Now that you mention , you could put the mission file(s), so we can test it/them under the -overridebigfile command.

We’re running a test with a version of this fix active… you’ll know if it works for us when the patch ships… :smiley:


Its going to be included in the next version of my mod if you want to give it a try.