Homeworld 2 (Relic) in NVIDIA Surround

I have original HW2 (Relic) working on triple monitors at 5760 x 1080p except for two things.
One is stretched HUD (which I can live with).

The other is when you move the camera back to max, all ships disappear. I’ve tried changing all settings in the video menu but nothing fixes it.

Anybody seen this, got a fix for this?

The scene/backgrounds must be stretched to heck around the sides? Got any shots?

It’s unplayable…after messing with it some more, the cap ships blink in and out when zooming the camera, but the smaller ships don’t show up at all. And yeah, stuff on the sides is stretched (is that parallax?).

I had to edit this and change the way I linked images.

Wow, yep ‘stretched to heck’…

Wait until you use the new patch’s ‘multi view’ display code. You are likely looking at 360 degree playfield, without all of the stretching.


Oh god the VR possibilities… O_O


Wow ! So you managed to incorporate your personnal tests (at least in the beginning) in the code ? That’s great ! :smiley:

Eh, not really :frowning: A single view made of many smaller linked view (facets, like the faces of a gemstone) isn’t really what you need for VR. For VR you need discrete views with non-central frustums (as your eye and FOV of each eye aren’t dead center of each other), and some head tracking logic. A ‘really wide view’ is more like IMAX than VR.

You can also run Homeworld 1 in NVIDIA Surround via registry edit, and it surprisingly works better than HW2. It is almost playable - only thing I’ve found wonky so far is the movement disk - you have to move the cursor to the extreme right and left edges while the movement disk only goes to the left and right edge of the middle monitor. And the camera - if you’re focusing on something in the right or left monitor, it will occasionally reset Home.

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More pics at 5760 x 1080: