Homeworld 2 Remastered GOG Version and Mods?

Hello all. Im a german Homeworld 2 User and i like the Remastered Version.

But i have some Questions.

How can i play Mods with the GOG Version?

I would play the Good Star Wars Mod with the remastered Version. Have Anyone good ideas for me?

thanks for Help

This will in part depend on how the mod maker distributes the mod. In the case of mods for HW2 classic, most mods are likely available for download already, and install instructions should exist, you will just have to adapt them to the install location for the GOG version. Many mods for HWR on the other hand are only being distributed on steam, so you’d have to get the original mod maker or someone else with the steam version of the game to upload them somewhere else for you to download.

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I’ve been ignoring GOG/ModDB in favor of Steam. Maybe that’s a mistake, but uploading to ModDB is PITA compared to Steam.

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Yeah I ignored ModDB a lot lately, but now that GOG is a thing, I think many modders will adjust and make parallel releases for both Steam and ModDB. I will.


Well there’s always Nexus Mods… :wink: (but mod managers wouldn’t work with HWRM anyway).

HWRM already has a mod manager. It just works with Steam only.

Out of curiosity, what is the installation path for the GOG.com version of this game on WIndows?