Homeworld 2 Remastered mission 2 bugged

I posted this over at the steam forums, but everyone kept telling me to post here, so here it goes:

HW2RM mission 2 is really buggy. First of all, there is a group of fighters that spawn over by transport 4 and 5, which normally these don’t spawn unless you has less then 2 squadrons of fighters, but now they spawn no matter how many fighters you start the mission with. Second, transport 1 apparently has 80 speed to start with and after saving it, the speed buff will jump to 120, which isn’t correct. However, the other transport are at 40 to start, but after you save them, they won’t get their speed buff and will remain at 40, which also isn’t correct. They are suppose to have 40 speed, then jump to like 100 or something like that after saving them, but they don’t. It wouldn’t be so bad, but some of them now try to dock at the sametime, which results in them trying to push each other out of the way and none of them end up docking at all. Third, Captain Soban is now apparently just an ordinary marine frigate. He doesn’t have his increase ROF or increase damage like he did in the original.

I think the fighters are supposed to show up no matter what now.

As for the transports, I’ve had the same issue. They are incredibly slow, it took them over 10 minutes after I destroyed the carrier to finish docking. I also had to keep giving my mothership move orders to “shake the transports loose” from their glitchy dance while trying to dock.

Don’t think the game has to be as it used to, it’s a new game. The only problem with this misssion is that, after you achieve all objectives, it doesn’t move on to the next mission. But, IDK if they had it fixed or not.