Homeworld 2 Remastered Mission 3 bug

I was playing the Homeworld 2 Remastered mission 3 Sarum. I didn’t send any resource collectors to repair the shipyard because I needed time to build up my fleet. However, the shipyard magically repaired itself and all the enemy ships then spawned and crushed me. This is either a bug or a really annoying game change.

Sounds like one of two potential things happened.

All capital ships (including the shipyard) has a natural repair rate. Since the mission objective is to repair the shipyard (to a certain point) if that was reached through the natural repair rate then it indicates that that mechanic is working correctly.

If the shipyard went instantly from say, 1/2 to fully healed after a long time of inactivity it is likely a mechanic that was put into the game (either by the original designers or GBX) so that the mission does not become blocked in case you were unable to build harvesters for some reason. I’d have to try and reproduce the event in HW2 classic to know if it’s from the original design or something GBX put in to avoid instances where the user had to restart a mission because they were unable to complete it.

if however the shipyard healed itself mere seconds or a minute or two after you received the objective then it is entirely possible it’s a bug.

Did you get the carrier when the shipyard repaired itself?

Ok so after running through the mission myself there is two things I noticed;

One, the shipyard does in fact repair itself over time. This is normal. This is a built in mechanic of all capital ships and was the same in the original game. The script triggers when the shipyard reaches a certain % health (it looks like 80%-90%). It is possible once you kill the carrier group (see point no2) it triggers the next bit of the mission.

Two, enemy probes spawn automatically regardless of what you do. This I remember from the original game as well. I do not know what effect they have exactly but after testing I believe if you don’t get both of them an enemy carrier with some strike craft spawn before the shipyard repairs automatically. This is part of the mission.

Hope this helps!

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All three of them actually: one spawns near the shipyard, one spawns in the asteroid field where you have the secondary objective with the controller, and one spawns near the original position of the mothership - it’s easy to miss that one if you moved the mothership at the beginning of the mission. If you don’t get all three, the carrier just jumps in sooner, but it should jump anyway.

Ah yea that’s right, I tend to move my mothership, good catch.

Did you take out all 3 enemy probes right away?

Yes, I destroyed the 3 probes very quickly. Apparently the Gearbox devs thought it was a good idea to change the mission from its original design and make it harder. The shipyard auto repairs itself and when it gets to like 80% health it spawns the next wave of attacks. So basically you have very little time to prepare for the attack. I don’t remember the classic version being like this. I also purposefully didn’t kill the first enemy carrier because I thought it would buy me some time, but that didn’t have any effect.

Another bug I encountered at the end of the mission. The shipyard was taken over so I built three marine frigates and took it back over with seconds left. The three enemy carriers were still alive and the game told me to destroy them before they escaped. However, instead of letting me attack them the game just started playing the Bentusi cutscene and then the mission ended.

OK I recently played the same mission and it played out the same way as it did in HW2 classic. So it has to be a bug.

I find it hard to believe it’s possible, with the amount of time they give you, to not have built at least 5 squads each of pulsar and gunship corvettes. What exactly were you DOING all that time? Sitting on your thumbs 0.o

Also, I do not think this mission changed much/at all from it’s original design so misplaced blame is misplace. Try another one.

I actually went and checked HW2 Classic. The shipyard repairs automatically over time in there too…