Homeworld 2 RM Campaign too difficult after 2.0 update

Hi everyone.

after beating several times both Homeworld RM and Homeworld 2 RM campaigns, i´m struggling to beat HW2.

I´m stuck on mission 04 (outskirts of Ghenna) i´ have a large fleet (7 sq interceptors 7 sq bombers, 4 sq Gunship, 4 sq of Pulsar, 5 flak fr. and 5 torpedo frigates) + 28.000 resources and all upgrades.

the enemy keep sending more and more squadron of corvettes, fighters, frigates when i attack the first asteriod with the hyp. inhibitors, i get quickly overwhelmed, even with my carrier and mothership both in full production to replace the losses.

i manage to destroy the hyperspace gate and the carrier, but the enemy keep coming from everywhere.

i know about the scaling difficulty, y even restarted the mission with couple of fighters, but i was overwhelmed quickly.

i never had this issue before.

this remind me of vanilla HW2 1.0, when this mission and other missions was insanely difficult and was fixed on HW2 1.2 patch.

like i said before, iam no newbie, i already beaten HW1 RM and HW2 RM campaigns several times before 2,0 update and of course HW1 and HW2 classic campaigns.

any one having a bad time with HW2 RM campaign?

Btw, i am in HW1 RM Campaign Mission 10 (super nova station) with no difficulty issues, so it is not me. xD


I just completed that mission yesterday, and I didn’t think it was too tough although I didn’t have quite as many frigates as you have. This was my first time seeing that mission.

I think it makes more sense to request missions with easy-mid-hard options rather than asking to alter back to easy.
Change the way you think the game, eventually you’ll crack it.

A couple of general hints and tips I found useful during my recent 2.1 playthrough:

  • Use claw and aggressive stance with Fighters and Bombers
  • Use X and aggressive stance with all corvettes
  • Put your frigates in Wall formation. 5-6 flack + rest torp/ion(when you get them)
  • Set your mothership to aggressive at the start of each mission. It’s PD guns is relatively effective against strikecraft
  • Don’t split your fleet
  • Always go for the Carrier Production module first
  • Don’t send your bombers in first/alone
  • Start up your harvesting op asap
  • Make sure you’re targeting the right enemy with the right ships.

I can’t remember having major issues with that mission particularly. I didn’t even do the optional of capturing the hyperspace gate and killing the carrier/resource op on the other side. Maybe doing that will help you.