Homeworld 3 Modding

Just some idle wondering…

will there be modding? I worry… the business model of Blackbird is very different than the original Homeworld studio. Will it be a very cool game with limited mod ability like DOK? Or will it be the new bench mark moving forward? Time will tell.

C# or LUA or both? Being a C# developer that learned LUA just to mod Homeworld… I suppose I can live with either of these. Any speculation or opinions?

AI - This is one area that none of the HW games have done very well when compared to other RTS. I would love to see the ability to alter AI scripting for modders… I care about single player just as much as multi player… and years later when the community lessens, it is when modders can revitalize the AI that games allow more replay ability.

3d space or horizontal plane? I very much hope the new game has real 3d space.

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If there’ll be modding, I’ll just gently tap into that.
Right now I’m looking at two more years of ship making marathon to finish what I started and then I want to have some life. Or at least try. :slight_smile:

Shame is that I’m certain this will be the mechanically best Homeworld yet. There’s likely going to be some hybrid control where you can send ships towards and around megaliths intuitively. It might be slightly simplified, but I can imagine you could base a lot of navigation around objects in 3D space.

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I don’t think the business model is really that relevant, selling dlc can sometimes be a reason to lock things down but many games have managed anyway. Just look at any paradox grand stat title.

I recall them saying in the past that the modding scene was on their radar, so that gave me some starting hope. More recently, the last fig update dropped an interesting tidbit.

… Different engine than Deserts of Kharak. We built on the foundation of Homeworld Remastered, meaning the engineering team took the simulation layer from Homeworld Remastered and bootstrapped it onto Unreal Engine 4 to take advantage of that engine’s presentation and rendering power.

I’m sure for some people that’s not good news, but honestly if they’re doing all the things they say they want to they’re getting down into the guts enough to potentially right most any of the wrongs of the hw2/r engine. Much of it’s flaws are, in my eyes, stuff that wasn’t given enough time to be finished, tested, polished or documented thoroughly, so if they get that time this time around and of course clean up some of it’s legacy technical problems like being stuck on lua 4, memory limits and access violations, desyncs, and so on, then I have a lot of hope.

The data driven design that has made HW1 and 2 so moddable seems to me to be something that’d come over with that simulation layer, and unless they end up hiding away the data files this time inside some hard to handle unreal bundles, I imagine we’ll keep that. Some unreal games allow impressive access to the guts of the game’s behaviors, XCOM2 being the most prominent one for me, so it could even be expanded beyond what we have now.

Of course, there’s no guarantee. Maybe all those legacy issues will persist and the data archives will be hidden, encrypted, obfuscated, and whatnot. As you say, only time will tell. But I have hope.

3d space or horizontal plane? I very much hope the new game has real 3d space.

If you mean more 3D than HW1/2 I honestly don’t. I want Homeworld 3 to be successful, and I think the kind of visual chaos and extra input complexity this would bring would raise the effort needed to play it enough to get in the way of that. Space opera battles with ships slugging it out all generally with the same orientation doing their WW2 in space thing, only breaking that rule when they need to, is a strong aesthetic and one I go to homeworld for.

I do really hope they manage to streamline vertical movement enough that it sees more use, though. That depends on UI improvements panning out though.

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I mean 3d like HW2 and not some of the other space sims that work on a single horizontal plane. I like being NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, and WEST… and not just front and back.

Well, in that case I don’t think there’s much danger of not getting what you want :slight_smile:

Some good points made. I am pretty excited. There was a time I could see myself growing old and still playing games like HW2, AOE2, and Supreme Commander… in single player because my old self can not keep up with the youngsters. But outside of those older titles, i have not had anything come out of the RTS genre in a while i can add to that list.

I absolutely love DOK. But after the online community dies… the AI game-play can only last a little while and then i am bored. The older games offer so much mod ability to keep them bookmarked in my inventory.

You mentioned XCOM… that and Battletech also, though they are a bit different. :slight_smile:

I am hoping HW3 might be an RPG, a sort of super-sized Star Wolves with a non-linear campaign. OTOH, that series probably sold even worse than HWRM.