Homeworld 3 (Not talking about shipbreakers)

If there is a Homeworld 3 that is not shipbreakers, does anyone have an idea what should be like.
I was thinking about before the taiidan exiled the Hiigarans or when the Sajuuk’s Wrath was fighting the Bentusi. I don’t mean official information but just ideas. :wink:

My opinions on HW2 make it hard to think of enjoyable HW3s, but were I put in that role there’s a few ideas I’d try exploring, not mutually exclusive…

Mental: HW1 and 2 both have some indications of what would appear to be mental powers of one stripe or another. Prophecy, the emperor disabling Karan, that kind of thing. Really digging into that, expanding on it and giving it some implications seems like it could make the best of HW2’s events.

Non-hiigaran: If the series goes forward I think this is an option that is unlikely to happen but would be hugely healthy for it. How much more exalted can the Hiigarans and Karan become? A fun angle to play might be taiidani protagonists, perhaps trying to reclaim their homelands from whatever si left of the vaygr and having to deal with unfreindly but now massively powerful hiigarans in the proccess, plus other people living in their neck of the woods. Perhaps could be comboed with the above.

Prequel: I think a prequel would be a bad idea, but it’s a popular one amoung many fans. If it had to be done I think it should be further back, following whatever events ended the Progenitor’s reign. This would help avoid the prequel problem where new ideas make it look like tech is going backwards in the universe, and also minimize impact on existing assets. Much like KOTOR’s distance meant any revelations it made couldn’t accidentally diminish parts of the movies, the distance here would mean a lot of room for new characters and narratives without ripples upsetting the existing stories. Just please don’t include the beast or any explanation, mention, or even faint hint that the progenitors came from earth and seeded the galaxy with humans. :angry:

What about of some strange alien race possesses Karan and kills her. Then Fleet Intelligence takes over, overcome with vengeance, to try and find them only to eventually discover that it was a fringe group that killed her and not agreed by the whole race. That could spark some diplomatic threads?

Ideally I would like them to really explain that whole network they discovered at the end of HW2, perhaps it is, itself, some living entity living simultaneously across the galaxy silently watching… Guarding…

Or perhaps they find a wormhole and get sucked into the past to the time of their war and exile and be faced with the choice of changing their timeline, though eventually cause the event they tried to prevent. Or perhaps they travel so far back to the time of the Progenitors?


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Who said the Progenitors had to be dead…

Karos graveyard? Ghost ship? Kadeshi? Plenty of back story that could be used in a sequel!


That massive battle between the Higaara and Bentusi sounds fun. Fun prequel prequel.

Maybe the origin of the Naggarok could be found and some intergalactic war could go on after the Hiigarans trespass in another galaxy.

I don’t like the idea of aliens very much. The races that were done right in the Honeworld unicerse are either human-like or mystical.

  • Kadeshi, Taiidan, Vaygr, all humans.
  • Ghost ship, Progenitors, Bentusi, all ancient and mystical.

The Beast is an alien that you have a direct confrontation with and it’s cheesy and cartoonish -creepy voice, superpowers.
Maybe it’s in the race’s design. Maybe it’s because they have a lot of exposure, while all mentioned above only have brief appearence, or you only see a fraction of what was left of them and you don’t even get to meet them.

That’s why in my opinion, the main Homeworld story is the human one, with a blurry hints of aliens in the background. The ambiguity and secrecy is what makes them great. And that’s not what you get if you fight them throughout the whole campaign.


Well, I have some ideas.
The most conventional is exploring what is in the extremities of the Eye fo Arran.
First, splitting your fleet after the cross and making them regroup in the first missions. this is a manner of running a conventional techtree throughout the campaign.
Second, an old dream, creating a non-linear campaign filled with random events everywhere, for replayability sake.

“The mothership once again rests in a secret facility, being prepared for a scientific journey to visit far off places of interest, when an accident happens forcing them to jump faraway from the galactic core. Now, the Hiigaran Navy lost contact with the Mothership and is being mobilized desperately to recover their most valuable asset. A military race for the Mothership has just begun. What is behind this incident? Who will reach the MS first? …”

May I ask how you know this? I am not disputing, just interested. I know the Kushan/Hiigarans are depicted and, at least, humanoid. I don’t think I have ever seen any other races pictured or described physically.

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frankly it’s an open question with a lot of possible interpretations. If the exiles are human, and they certainly look it, then the Kadeshi definitely are. The empire and the exiles could be the same species, or they could be different ones. There’s a turanic shadow and a bit of a bentusi face shown in cata, and they both look human as far as can be told. And then there’s Makaan’s head, also looks pretty human.

By “humans”, I meant more that the story is being told from a perspective of non-different people, humanoid persons. That the fact that they are not “alien” to us (in a sense of different), helps us players to relate and not distract us with needless questions about our protagonists origins/biology/psychology/culture. That we are presented with a default position and that keeps it simple and relatable. Making them aliens would add a baggage, humans are non-issue to us, our mind starts as completely blank when we first see them. So we have the room to ask about their motivation, not about their tentacles.
That’s the angle I was talking about. The way the story is told, how it being told from the perspective of people makes it more believable and hence the better choice.

(In fact, if they all somehow meant to look like two feet tall praying mantises, you could argue that it still makes more sense to portray them as human. Because the perception of one praying mantis looking at another is that it sees its peer. So if you’d made a point-of-view story revolving around one of these and the story would be your main focus, you might as well just drop the alien concept altogether and go with the people, because that mantise’s perception is that it’s amongst familiar faces, just like human would be amongst humans…)

Ridiculously heavy off-topic aside, I wasn’t suggesting that they share our DNA and definitelly not that we have the same origin (and absolutely not the extremes as how Earth would be related to the M51…). Human-like-characters were simply my point about storytelling.

That said, Kushan are humanoids, Kadeshi are their biological relatives, cousins. Makaan (a Vaygr) has a human face.
You made me think about the Taiidan there. All we see is the emperor in a ball, from a distance, don’t we? Statues in the city are all animals, so that’s no help. All the vessels are ergonomically compatible with human beings, so maybe my brain just automaticaly filled the blank and presumed that.

But even if it is an automatic human-centric presumption, that’s still exactly my point. I can’t even tell you whether I saw a Taiidan humanoid, or whether I didn’t.

What I can tell you is that I didn’t see a Taiidan alien.