Homeworld 3 - procedural space adventure (borrowing FTL ideas)


First: congratulations on remastering, it is beautiful! It must have been a dream to work on a project like this! I’m still playing it but I had to share this with you:

Idea how to easily turn this into epic HW3:

  1. proceduraly generated journey map (borrow idea from FTL),
    with random encounters on the way (selecting randomly from a pool of low/mid/high level encounters depending on how far along the player is)
    super replayability

  2. multiple types of motherships, unlockable (also borrow idea from FTL)
    perhaps with some special abilities?
    more replayability

  3. ironman mode - permadeth, only 1 autosave

  4. upgradeable units, all of them
    think levelling like in Endwar, but it would need more survivability to last

and one less easy but still possible idea for powerfull improvement:

  1. physics based movement
    Ships look nice but move awkwardly a bit. if the movement was a physics simulation, with each turn being started by oxygen burst from a side, and stopped by an oxygen burst from another side - imagine how POWERFUL and immersive would be watching the game!
    This will require some headscratching of course, and it will get really fun to implement collision avoidance once the basics are working. I can see many people putting two or three groups of frigates at full speed running into each other - just to see that simulation work :slight_smile:
    If it works - great, if some fail and crash - even more fun! So I see heuristics with some swarm intelligence can create a good enough solution with entertaining results.

I’d love to work on this, but I know I have no resources to make such a game myself, so hopefully this idea can bloom at Gearbox!