Homeworld 4 thoughts and questions

I have been thinking if gearbox does a new homeworld would it be mmo like eve where we play in one big sandbox map or like classic homeworld installed on our pc ?
while I like homeworld 1&2 I think it should be moved past the 3 games that was produced and start us out in a small clan carrier and work our way up in skills to use a smaller mothership that looks like the big banna. what do you guys think?

I think it ought to pick up where the story left off, or perhaps follow the vision of what homeworld 2 was supposed to be and answer more questions about the progenitors. Your suggestion sounds to much like cataclysm. And if the game goes eve style, that will be a big slap in the face of the IP and past players. I don’t play mmos. Also… It would be 3, not 4. :wink:


Ya a mmo please no thank you. However the aspect of a larger galaxy with certain things to explore and references to the Homeworld universe - present & past does sound appealing. In HW1 we had the galaxy map in the loading screen showing your journey. In Mass Effect we’ve got an actual galaxy map where we can choose to where to travel.

I would like something like that perhaps in form of secondary campaign or coop campaign mode or even a conquer the galaxy map game mode.

Empire at War - Kanes Wrath & Mass Effect showed that this kind of game play can work. Regarding the Homeworld IP it’ll be tricky though as there is no base building and it’s something that just doesn’t seem to fit very well with the franchise not sure.

So how would those adventures look like. Fighting random battles like in Kanes Wrath or playing in a randomized galaxy where modders even can add own missions into just like it used to be Starfleet Command? Basically an endless sandbox gaming adventure mode with dynamic generated missions and riddles & exploration?

Your idea sounds kinda like EVE Online. Not sure if I’d want a Homeworld MMO…

Never played Eve… But that thing is intended for Single player or at best coop. Think about it the homeworld universe was immense and had many mystic in it. Many relics lying around probably one of the aspects the game did best. Your culture felt small and insignificant yet older than your people actually knew. Then derelicts such as the ghost ship - the progenitors and I here I dare say it the Naggarok they all did good in showing the vastness of time in that specific universe.

Such a sandbox mode could be fun as long as it is just an extension that is while the main game remains the same with the skirmish and death match and core gaming we all like and love in the franchise.

I was thinking more of eve with the giant map with hundreds of systems to use and dust wars sounds like it would be a good use of this model of play more npc vs player and some pvp vs eve where it’s 99% pvp and very little npc fights.
the gate use in eve is what I think they were thinking of in dust wars .
you would come thru a gate into a system and then use hyper or normal drives to move a round. it would be nice to find random uninhabited system that you can mine and rebuild in maybe get to build a spacestation to make a foothold in the area. it doesn’t have to be a mmo I mean eve is getting old with the pvp.

Eve is simply a MMO rip-off of Homeworld imo. I tried it for a few months and quickly lost interest. Yet here I am on the Homeworld forum 15 years later.
If people want to play a space MMO they are welcome to go play Eve. Homeworld should remain true to it’s roots and continue it’s legacy as the greatest space RTS ever created.


Agreed although additions like something I recommended wont be that bad either as long as the main game remains loyal to the roots as you suggested that is…

Wouldn’t mind exploring an entire galaxy full of dangers and adventures either in SP or MP coop.

I would like Homeworld 3/4 to be about Before the exile of the Hiigarans or the events after Homeworld 2.

What Gearbox really needs to do is get out of the mindset of sequels that is a relic of the days when software companies were trying to sell discs. What drives player interest now is not sequels, but the evolution of existing games. If Gearbox can get this game to constantly evolve and react to player interest this can be a long term, sustainable enterprise. Something that may help would be to use the HWR engine to represent an existing and popular franchise, the way Marvel Heroes used D2. That would give us the game engine we love, and continue to make Gearbox’s property profitable enough to continue supporting the original HWR in the long term.

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