Homeworld Cataclysm Soundtrack

Now that Paul Ruskay and Gearbox have graciously released the soundtracks for Homeworld 1 & 2 in their glorious uncompressed format, what are the chances that we could see a similar release of the Cataclysm soundtrack?
All 103 minutes of it!

For those of us who didn’t think much of Catalcysm, I think we can all agree that the music was spectacular. Paul really brought a lot of character to the Catalcysm soundtrack that suited the atmosphere of the game (such as it was) well enough, but not too over the top.

It had more atmosphere than Homeworld 1’s soundtrack at any rate. I’d almost call it the best of the three.


I agree in my opinion by liking : Cata, Hw1 & then HW2. Still all games had wonderful music.

@Norsehound: Awesome to see you. Still dreaming of your concept arts…

Does this mean we will see your beauties in game at some day once the tools are released?
We really need a Taiidan Evolution race… :stuck_out_tongue:

Taiidan Ship1

Taiidan Ship2

Taiidan Ship3