Homeworld Classic crash on loading a save

My Homeworld Classic save games from before the march 5th update are now useless. They crash the game and throw me to the desktop right upon load. If I start the whole SP campaign again, save there and then load those saves - this works, but even from this point old saves cause a crash.

My system:
Win7 64bit
Intel Core2 Duo E7500
nvidia GF GTX470

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I am having this same issue. They worked fine until the latest update (March 5th) and now every single load crashes to desktop upon loading. Come on, Gearbox! The remastered is pretty but so damned buggy that I couldn’t play it with any joy and now you ruin my playthrough of the original?! I’m beginning to wish I had never bought this…or the copy for my friend. Can you guys fix this?!

Win 7 64 bit
Intel Core i7
16GB Ram
Nvidia GTX 480

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