Homeworld CLOAK

Wife and I having fun with our ADOBE subscription:


Thanks for sharing! 150+ hours with HWR and I haven’t even tried cloaking strategies yet! lol…

we have 3 cloak videos, get the other 2 up soon. :slight_smile:

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New Cloak Video


Great work guys - I love to see all of the visual bells & whistles I spent some much time coding being used; your vids are great!

We have a special camera we’ve not really documented much yet (used to make many of the videos you saw us promote and do marketing with) - I’d like to get you the info on how to use them and see if you enjoy having a bunch more options - maybe sometime next week (I am mid-move to TX right now)… ? Just PM me with contact info (Skype preferred), and I’ll get in touch…


@Mikali We love your maps! :slight_smile: Stunning!


Same here, I used cloack a lot in classic but literally never in the remastered… time to use some dirty tricks:
expect ambushes from everywhere you fools!

Tried just now and I have to say it’s impossible to effectively cloak anything as Kushan/Taidaan: the ships follow each other just outside of the cloacking range so you can’t move any when cloacked, just stay there. This needs a fix.
Really I was trying to move a carrier around with 3 cloakers and 90% of the time it moved outside cloaking range…


Not tried with Kushan. I will say Vaygr and Higgy cloak seems to last longer in Remastered than it did for me in HW2. At least it seems so! I have been abel to escape a carrier a few times in this game but i never was able to last long enough in HW2.

Thank you!

A new Video using some of Gear Boxes fancy CamActions!

We are spending so much time working on a longer video that we wanted to squeeze something out. Gearbox has added some camera actions to get nice smooth videos. This video has no extra Adobe enhancements to it, all in game engine!

Have some nice zoom, pan, and 90 degree fly throughs! Thanks @BitVenom and @scole


Related to the Video camera actions I used in the “Defense Field Frigate”,

@BitVenom @scole

If you have time, I have some question reguadling CamActions. Been working… old school style, LOL.

CamActions – !endhold and !realtime

I have only seen these value set to “0” and “1” so far and cannot see a difference when changed.
Question: Can you explain what they do?

$ master_blend
@ 0.000000
@ 5.000000

Question: I understand the difference between lineal, quint, and quad. I do not understand why there are two parameters (> and <) for each Action. What is the purpose of each?

$ master_blend
@ 0.000000
@ 5.000000

Question: In this example my Motion path lasted 5 seconds. It was unclear to me what the last line does, “=1.000000”. It appears that 1.0 is the default? If changing the previous line, “@5.000000” can shorten and lengthen the duration of the Motion path then how does the last line, “=1.000000” alter things?

$ function_blend

Question: I have adjusted most the functions; zoom, orbit, fov, etc. I do not understand how each function’s “blend” counterpart works?

Question: I have seen how “orbit” can be made to return the camera back to the original starting position. Is there a way to reverse a function like “zoom”? e.g. if I zoom in on a carrier can I zoom back out to the original starting position in the same CamAction?

Question: Can the CamActions be daisy chained automatically?

-B8factor @Gameg1rl

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  • endhold - freeze at the end of the timeline and stay there, or when reaching the end ‘cancel’ the event. This is useful with toolbox style commands… Zoom In Fast/Slow - and something like a Zoom Out Fast/Slow - you set the Ins to ‘end hold’ - and once started, after they’ve zoomed, they stay that way. Then, you set the Outs to start zoomed in (obviously) - and not end-hold. So you get:
    – Keypress: Zoom In (fast or slow, whatever you assigned)
    – Time passes while you do stuff
    – Keypress: Zoom Out (cancels Zoom In, but starts where Zoom In was, zooms back to nothing)

Make sense?

  • realtime - Does this command pause when you pause the game, or run even when the game is paused (handy for doing those really smooth ‘fly through shit hitting fans’ sequences)…
  • < and > mean ‘curve into key’, ‘curve out of key’… and you can assign them between keys, not just at the start. So if you wanted you could script up a camera that flew all around, did minutes of crazy ■■■■, and had a mix of linear/quint/quad/quart keys, etc…

The syntax here, regardless of the channel is ‘At time, be value’ (@ time = value). Blends are from 0.0 (aka no impact) to 1.0 (aka full impact). So this example is going from no impact to full impact over 5 seconds. Since it is the ‘master’ blend, every other property has this curve applied on top of whatever other values or blends were already being used.

You could make an action with:
@ 0.0
= 0.0
@ 2.0
@ 4.0
= 1.0
@ 6.0
= 0.0

So, whatever values you’d changed would blend in over 2 seconds, sustain for 2 seconds, then blend back out to nothing over the final 2.

Blends are pretty basic… Let’s say you have a value (fov) that in the game is just 70 (because that’s the default). And you set up an action to change it to 35. If you set all of your blends to 1.0 (master_blend and fov_blend) then when you punch the key, you’re jumping to 35 immediately. And when the action is over, unless you have end-hold, it’ll jump right back to 70 at the end.

Now, some animated fov change is going to be ugly unless it is a simple in/hold/out - but for an example, let’s keep going.

Now, you setup the fov_blend to be 0->1->0 for 2 seconds each (6 total seconds). Now, master_blend is still 1.0 - so the actual fov over time (again in 2 second leaps) is: 70->35->70. In 1 second leaps it is 70->52->35->35->52->70 - give or take.

If we also add a curve to master_blend - let’s say the same 0->1->0: Now it is (every 2 seconds) 70->35->70 - seems the same right? But every second, you can see that double 0->1->0 take effect:
70->60->35->35->60->70. Why? Because 0->1->0 at 2 second keyframes is actually 0->0.5->1->1->0.5->0 at 1 second jumps. If both fov_blend and master_blend are those values, they multiply together to describe how fov blends into the scene fov:
0->0.25->1->1->0.25->0 - a 25% blend between 35 and 70 is (roughly) 60. (to be clear 35 blended at 25% strength with 70 is 60).

I think at this point you can see how you’d do that now - given what I said above… but just in the event it isn’t clear (and this is mostly shorthand):

master = 0->1->0 at whatever timings you want.
zoom_blend is 1.
zoom is whatever factor you want.

Using endhold you can set up a toolkit of stuff that starts and stops different events. And if you just want to make a big event, you can author one with lots of variance quite easily. Because many of the actions we (mostly @scole) authored were for people to use during promo video capture - we generally did really small, basic ones. Channels within an action can have any number of keyframes… you could almost use these to make NIS events. And I may evolve the system a bit more before I’m through… just not for a while. I have to get back to Mod tools soon, I hope!