Homeworld Deck-Building Game

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Greetings. First post on these forums, and I get the distinct impression that it’s going to be a doozie…

A few months ago after purchasing Homeworld Remastered from GOG, I was inspired to attempt to create a deck-building game based off of the Homeworld universe. To that end, I put together a prototype using the craft from the original Homeworld (mainly the Kushan craft but a few of the Taiidan craft as well) and have spent my time trying out various mechanics, balancing the cards and conducting playtesting with a local group of game designers. It’s come along quite a long way from the beginning and at this point I feel it’s about ready for blind playtesting.

I do have an intent to sell the game when it’s done, so there’s the rather obvious issue of obtaining permission to do so from the IP holders, which to my knowledge is Gearbox, and with the game ready for blinds I feel the time has come to make that step. I’m mainly posting here A) to see if obtaining permission to make this game would be possible (assuming staffmembers at Gearbox regularly check this forum), B) assuming it’s possible, to gather information on who I need to contact, and C) to see if there’s any interest in a project like this from members of the greater Homeworld community. I do have my own IP that I could use for the project if it’s necessary and it would certainly be easier for me to go that route, but I would really like to be able to use the Homeworld IP (especially since the game was the inspiration for the project).

Quick overview - the game is for two players. Each player begins the game with a “mothership” HP counter (starting at 24 HP), three facility cards (Research Division, Fleet Intel and Shipyard), three posture cards (Aggressive, Neutral, Evasive), and a play deck containing eight Target Drones, four Providence resource collectors and three Arrow scout fighters. Facilities can be “leveled” by turning the orientation of the card, giving the player additional abilities. On their turns, players “construct” any cards bought on previous turns, with cards finishing construction going to their hand for that round. Players then draw and play their hand, inflicting a number of damage cards on their opponent. The opponent must allocate the damage cards to their units (without looking at them first). The damage card are then revealed and any unit that has sustained enough damage is destroyed (removed from the player’s deck). Units may then be Salvaged from the opponent if any surviving salvage corvettes are present. Resources may then be gathered to the player’s discard pile, and any new purchases are made at the end of the hand. The object of the game is to either reduce the enemy mothership to zero HP or to reduce your opponent’s deck down so much that they cannot completely draw; in the second case, whoever has more mothership HP at that point wins the game.

My working prototype consists of bifurcated index cards shoved into sleeves with another playing card for backing/stiffing…no images, logos or anything like that, just words. That said, I have put together an idea of what I want the final cards to look like. Right now it uses images from Encyclopedia Hiigara, and I don’t know if posting an example on this forum would constitute a copyright violation or not (this after reading the forum rules). Out of an abundance of caution, I will forego doing so at this time.

The initial set, as previously stated, uses Kushan ships from Homeworld primarily along with a few Taiidan craft. I have plans for an initial expansion using Kiith Somtaww and Turanic craft that I have just started testing (stuff’s overpowered right now), and if I get that far I may make Kadeshi, Hiigaran and Vagyr expansions as well. Haven’t really considered a Deserts of Kharak variant but that might also be in the cards (pun not necessarily intended); if nothing else it’d be a good test of the game’s underlying mechanics.

Anyway, like I said, one doozie of a first post. I look forward to the community’s feedback, and am certainly hoping to be able to add something to the Homeworld franchise in my own way.

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I would love to see something like this get officially made by GBX. If the card designs were attractive enough I’d buy a set just for that.

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