Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Gameplay Videos

New gameplay videos from IGN and GameSpot are rolling out!


Have no other review companies/people gotten PR copies?

Very odd that these two are the only that have become available over the 48 hours. Special deal or something?

Less than a week from release and we’ve seen barely any singleplayer and no multiplayer footage, which seems to be the best place to show off the game as we don’t get singleplayer spoilers.

Gamespots gameplay looks really jittery too, optimisation issues?

I love homeworld to death, but this secrecy is really hurting my confidence in the product. I have been burned heavily in the past by franchises I adore releasing poor products, I’m sure you can understand my concern.

They don’t want a repeat of situations in the past where hyping up a game had a negative outcome (Deservedly or not, I wasn’t there). Even HW:R had it’s share of issues where people thought certain things were promised in the trailers when they were not(I was there). With this fan base I don’t blame them for being careful. There’s a lot of people very passionate about the HW universe and this is a large departure from the traditional gameplay.

Just as important is the fact that RTS and more niche games (Like 4X) have traditionally been ‘slow burn’ games. The day 1 sales are usually(There’s exceptions) not where the majority of sales come from. The genre tends to sell at a mostly constant rate throughout it’s life and even well after sequels come out. SOTS is an excellent example of this.

If you are afraid of being ‘burned’ then waiting for reviews is perhaps the best course of action. If you feel you might react negatively and say harmful things if the game doesn’t deliver to what you feel was promised, you’d be doing more damage to HW than you would be doing good by pre-ordering. This isn’t COD where day 1 sales matter.

To talk about the performance issues a lot of people are ‘concerned’ about, I’ve been in IT my entire life, well over 20 years. I’ve had high end and low end systems and I’ve seen what recording software does to systems not optimized for them. I also understand exactly how much less power a laptop has over a traditional desktop machine (Unless you throw obscene amounts of money at the laptop). I have had to set up Demo systems up on user laptops that were designed for high end server infrastructure. I also realise that nearly all games at launch are not perfectly optimized and that optimization cycles are costly and time consuming and that at some point it’s best to do any additional cycles after release, especially being able to make use of user and performance feedback from having the game ‘out there in the wild’.

Absolutely none of what I’ve seen surprises me in the least. I don’t put any stock in guesswork or conspiracy theories, I go solely off of what we know and experience.

I completely understand not wishing to hype a game up. But asking for preorders over a month in advance to only release 2 sets of controlled gameplay videos a week before release? Is that justified?

Considering they’re not holding a gun to your head?

They can do whatever they want, as can you.

No gun held to your head, but it’s the whole “get our game before you’ve really seen what it is and we’ll throw in another game free/ give you a discount!”

And again, if you have any concerns you are free to wait for reviews before purchasing a product. Seems pretty reasonable to me.

Also some of the models, especially the buildings, look like they’re made of LEGO. Is that intended or what?

You’s prolly need to go ask on the BBI forums about that one :stuck_out_tongue: