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Hey folks, just sharing some information.

I submitted Deserts of Kharak to Midwest Speedfest, a speedrunning marathon that is coming up soon, and was accepted! This will be my second speedrunning marathon that I will be running DoK for and this one should be larger than Fleet Fest which happened earlier this year.

A little info about Midwest Speedfest taken from their information pastebin: https://pastebin.com/JLwEMzdU

Hello all,

Midwest Speedfest 2017 is happening August 11-13th through 2D Con! It’s our third year, and we’re excited to bring speedrunning marathons back to their roots of getting together, and having a good time while showing off some great runs. Here’s some of the basics for event information:

When?: August 11th-13th

Where?: Doubletree by Hilton Minneapolis

7800 Normandale Blvd

Bloomington, MN 55439

Submission Form: http://www.speedrun.com/Midwest_Speedfest/submit

Admission to 2D Con: $20 for scheduled runners, regular convention prices otherwise.

Something new this year: Local and Online submissions are accepted! We are looking at potentially outsourcing our overnight schedule to anyone that would like to run a game remotely. We are still giving precedence to our local speedrunners at the event, so this isn’t a promise, but more of an option for those that would like to be involved from home!

The deadline for submissions is July 23rd. Schedule review and construction will be streamed from the Midwest Speedfest twitch channel throughout the following week until completion.

Hope to see you there, speedfriends.[/QUOTE]

Midwest Speedfest Twitter: https://twitter.com/MWSpeedCrew
Midwest Speedfest Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/midwestspeedfest

For more information about 2D con check out their website here: https://www.2dcon.net/

Anyways I believe the speedrunning marathon should be something along the lines of what you’d see at a GDQ, just not as large of a scale. If I’m wrong I’ll correct my information as I get more. They will stream the event live to their twitch channel, usually with the game feed and a webcam of the runner and some other folks on the couch. As of now this is the tentative schedule of the marathon, I’m running on Saturday, August 12th. Don’t have a time as of right now; I will provide that info when I get it so stay tuned to the thread for more information as I get it.

Like I said I’ll update this thread with more info as I get it. Thanks for reading and I hope you get a chance to watch! Or better yet be there in person!


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So after a crazy week or so filled with drama, false cancellations, uprisings, and peace comings we finally have a schedule. Check it out:

I’m playing on Saturday, August 12, around 7:50pm Central Time. Obviously this might be off by a few mins depending on how smoothly the marathon runs (there will be hiccups, be prepared). Thankfully it is at a more reasonably time for others to watch either live at the event or on the twitch page which I posted above.

I also highly recommend checking out the con’s webpage at www.2dcon.net , there is a lot of cool things happening at the con besides the speedrunning marathon.

That’s all the new info I had. It was a crazy last week of planning so thanks for being patient everyone! Hope to see you there or hear your support on the twitch stream.

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I’m extremely late in updating this thread, apologies. Anyways the event is now over and I uploaded my run to my YouTube channel. You can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yrl_HHm0xAM

The run itself was terrible, one of my worst. Not very happy about it but at least I finished under my estimated time. The event itself was a blast! There were lots of things to check out and loads of tournaments, retro arcade games, VR stations, vendors, and much more. It was very cool and I’m glad I could help with the Midwest Speedfest portion of it. Can’t wait for next year!

Other Midwest Speedfest run can be found here if interested: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxZU3lVJEAW5P-PI9ozlqOg/videos
Midwest Speedfest in retrospect thread: http://www.speedrun.com/Midwest_Speedfest/thread/mwvai

There are current plans to turn Midwest Speedfest into a quarterly or bi-yearly event instead of once a year. The next marathon is tentatively planned for November 4th and 5th of 2017. If I participate in that one with Deserts of Kharak I’ll be sure to make a thread with the information. Thanks all who watched or will watch the replay on Youtube! :slight_smile: