Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Update Rolling out Feb. 1, 2016

An update is rolling out this afternoon for Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. This update features a new multiplayer map, ‘The Boneyard,’ bug fixes, and balance updates.

The full update notes can be found at the link below:

As always, for support with Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak or SHiFT, visit http://support.gearboxsoftware.com.

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Saw that on the Steam official group… :wink:

No mention of a fix for the low CPU and GPU usage? I have a GTX970 and it’s only using 15% wtf.


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Have you tried turning Hyperthreading off? I don’t know if thats something that has come up in any of the threads you’ve looked at.

Looking at those screenshots its obvious that the problem is with your CPUs not GPU. What CPU are you running?

The top graph is Framerate, middle graph is GPU and bottom graph is CPU.

Core i5-2400

It doesn’t have hyper-threading.

@jhdmoir you have a very unbalanced system. 2nd gen Core is goodly paired with GTX 6xx, but it can’t provide adequate performance for 9xx, hence the ‘low system load’ hiccups. either replace your CPU with 3rd gen i7 (most LGA1155 motherboards permit that with BIOS update – I personally did so), or downgrade GPU to 6xx.

You don’t know what you are talking about. My system is perfectly fine running every other game out there except for Deserts of Kharak. You can’t tell me this game is more resource intensive than Wargame: Red Dragon. You can’t tell me this game is anymore resource intensive than any other modern RTS. There is absolutely no reason why this game should be running poorly on my system so anyone who thinks this is due to outdated hardware go spout your crap elsewhere because you haven’t a clue.

I’ve been out of the hardware for a bit but it shouldn’t make that big of a difference, then again I don’t know exactly how much more underpowered the 2400 is compared to something like my 2600k. I’m running a 2nd gen i5 2600k myself, at least I think it’s 2nd gen with a modest 560 GPU. It is possible that his specific hardware combination (It is a little lopsided yes) is causing issues with DoK specifically. That would be something BBI would be looking at.

And it makes no difference if I set to the Lowest graphics settings either.

So something to keep in mind is that a company, regardless of how large their QA department, can not test a piece of software on every single possible configuration. There’s literally millions of different possible configurations of hardware, drivers and OS. This is why you generally find a handful of people who have some very bizarre issues, especially like this one. No doubt they are looking at it, and make no mistake it absolutely sucks to have issues like this, I’ve been there plenty of times. We’re just trying to help.

Someone who tells me to downgrade my GPU is not trying to help in any way shape or form. Stupid comments like this are just people trying to have an opinion on something they know nothing about.

No AI improvements?