Homeworld Digital Artbook

Just got an update for the Homeworld Remastered Collection! I immediately checked to see what had been updated and I saw that we now have a digital artbook (this was all that was downloaded).

It’s located in the Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld folder

Thank you GBX, it’s a nice surprise! :smile:


no update for me :sadface:

Does everyone get it? :slight_smile:

Seen it discussed elsewhere, it seems to be a bonus for buying the new game.

I haven’t seen anything myself concerning this subject. If you happen to remember where you’ve seen it, please tell me :wink:


Thanks !

I did just get HW:DOK, that makes sense!

would be great to know if this digital artbook is different from the small physical one we had with the collector edition

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I know this is a month late and you probably know the answer already, but the digital artbook contains the historical briefings and some concept art from Homeworld 1 and 2 and I believe it did come with the collectors edition. I can tell you for certain that it is different from the book, “The Art of Homeworld” because I own both.

just to be sure, as I have the Collector Edition. Last page of the historical briefing is labeled “page 59” at bottom right with a big logo of hw2, and “pages 62 & 63” are the hyperspace core and Karen S’Jet ?

The digital artbook is meant to be viewed using Acrobat’s “Two Page View” and “Show Cover Page In Two Page View.” Both options are under View > Page Display. You’ll know you have the correct settings if you see two pages with content and aesthetics that blend nicely from left to right. There will be small overlap of the left and right pages - that’s so a printed and bound hard copy looks nice.