Homeworld: Emergence (Cataclysm)

(Darthangelus) #1

Look what just popped up on Gog.com.


It’s Cataclysm, as far as I can tell it hasn’t been remastered but I’m going to grab it anyway. Great to see the game available again.

(El Rizzo) #2

It is indeed the original Cataclysm without any changes, here is the game description on the GOG.com page for the game:

Homeworld: Emergence was originally released as “Homeworld: Cataclysm”. “Cataclysm” is now a registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., and the game has been renamed to avoid confusion. Other than the subtitle change, the game is identical to the game released in 2000.

(Chimas) #4

One thing that could stimulate people to acquire it is an article talking about what was patched (improved) in the Gearbox version …

(REARM V2) #5

On one hand I’d prefer if it was on Steam too, on the other I don’t particularly like Cataclysm.

Damn, how we’re gonna call it now? I vote for sticking with Cata.

(Alpha 1) #6

Does it actually have multiplay?

(Eville Jedi) #7



(D Kesserich) #8

Ho-lee ■■■■.

Too much to hope that BitVenom and others have quietly been working on Cataclysm Emergence: Remastered, too, I guess.

(silversurf) #9

Why not on STEAM and only on GOG?

(Fharryy) #10

First we need a steam version, then we need a remastered version, then we need Homeworld Emergence 2 !
Or Homeworld 3 with HWE references, and why not the beast return.

(Nebula1701) #11

Because GOG is the platform for older games? Best platform IMO for it.

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(Alpha 1) #12

Does anyone know if the MP works or not?

(Pandorazero) #13

When will the game be released on Steam? Because I do not want to spend money on two platforms :expressionless:

(Igor Okina Mujika) #15

Possibly. But I dont get why the people complains about this. What’s wrong with GOG? It has no DRM, old games (like Cataclysm) tend to work better than on Steam and usually include some extra stuff like manuals and guides.

In fact, I’m hoping that Homeworld Remastered and Deserts of Kharak will someday be included in GOG connect so that I can have them DRM Free. And, of course, if any game is available on GOG and Steam, I buy it on GOG.

I simply can’t see any advantage of it being released on Steam.

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(Pandorazero) #16

I did not buy games on GOG, I spent all the money only on Steam! If I have a lot of games on Steam then what’s the point of me spending money on another platform? I love it when everything is in one place!
If the game came out then it should be available on different platforms that the person himself would choose where emu is convenient!

(El Rizzo) #17

Uhm no? It comes out where the publisher wants it to be sold, not where it is convenient for you. Besides, GOG doesn’t require you to download a client or run it while playing, you literally just have to register on their website and can buy and download the games from there, it doesn’t get much more convenient then that. If you really can’t be bothered to do so little to get a game you want, it is on you, no one else.

I assume it was only released on GOG because GOG made sure it was compatible with modern operating systems as well their usual curation process for older games on their platform, I guess that is why it is exclusive, because steam usually just provides games as is, which could cause issues for an old game like Cataclysm.

(Alpha 1) #18

I understand why you might want it all in one place but with gog you can burn it to CD or thumb drive and take it with you to other places to play, say at a friends house for lan as an example.

(Pandorazero) #19

I understand you too, yes it’s convenient! I will wait for the game to be released on Steam and then buys it!
I wonder if Gearbox plans to release a remaster :slight_smile: ?

(Igor Okina Mujika) #20

I still dont get it. I have 119 games on Steam, 45 on GOG and 12 on Origin (you simply ignore all EA games because they dont release them on Steam?). Its as simple as to install some programs. If you want to manage all of them from a single platform, you can simply add them to that single library. At least origin and steam let you add “non Steam/Origin” games (personally I still use desktop shorcuts for all games, no matter if they rely on a digital platform or not). Its not like in the consoles, where you must choose one platform because of hardware cost, you simply have to install extra software at no extra cost (and in the case of GOG, you can simply download the game from the internet).

By using more platforms, you generate competition between those digital platforms, and this can only be a good thing for Steam.

Besides, you add redundancy in the case of one of such platform shutting down (and in the case of GOG, you can still save all your games in an external hard drive, as their installers dont require autentication via internet).

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(Pandorazero) #21

You seem to persuade me to join a sect :slight_smile: Joke !
As for the various platforms, I’m not against them, I wanted to convey my thought that I want to buy this game on Steam, you constantly ask why I need it? I’m a Creator of mods and it’s convenient for me to work through Steam and distribute my work there!

(Aged) #22

The straight multiplayer from the game screen doesn’t work. It looks like it’s trying to connect to WON (which, of course won’t work). I tried hosting a game on Game Ranger and Cat wasn’t among the options.

Sure would love to have MP enabled, Gearbox.