Homeworld: Emergence (Cataclysm)

(Igor Okina Mujika) #23

OK thats a good reason. :sweat_smile:

As the Workshop is the only advantage I can see for steam (besides it bigger catalog). I hope they will add something similar to GOG in the future.

Still, to use workshop, it isn’t enought to release the game on Steam. It must include Workshop support.

(Azona) #24

Okey, I liked Catacylsm a lot, sadly as its not on Steam I will not buy, second does this mean they gonna make Remastered version if so I will buy it with orignal (again as got it lying around somewhere) but only if it comes to Steam.

I hate it every freaky company attempt to copy steam with own bshit platform splitting game lybaries all togther, Steam was first and best and if they dont release on steam I simple wont buy.

EA shoot is self in the feet same way, I like some titels but ■■■■ origin!

I want 1 platform for my games not 6000000 different platforms for few games they release on there own crappy platform because they think they can outdo steam.

so gearbox. Remaster this jewel, bring both out trough steam okey? okey.

(Igor Okina Mujika) #25

The thing is that GOG started as a platform for old games only (thats whi ios calle d “good old games”). And thats why they usually have the best (or the only) versions for some old games. In the case of Cataclysm, I heard somewhere that gog might had helped gearbox to make Cataclysm run in new SO-s without having access to the source code. As the source code is still missing, remastered Cataclysm won’t be possible.

As for the GOG platform, in my opinion, the fact that it has no DRM makes it far more superior than Steam. And I think that this kind of competition will force Steam to improve (they already included refund policies). Besides, CD project still releases its games on Steam. GOG is simply a DRM free option with some exclusive old games adapted to new platforms by GOG itself. In fact, as they are DRM free, you can use GOG games without using the platform, just download the installer from the website and store it wherever you want.

Fanaticism towards platforms only benefits the platform owner, not the user.