Homeworld in 6K? Yes

Anyone else give this a shot on triple-monitors? [6000x1080 nVidia Surround]

It’s stretchy as the camera doesn’t like going past the center perspective, (FOV is likely set to 60-90) but man, does it make the backgrounds gorgeous:

There are some quirks with the cinematics, e.g.:

But the sense of presence is pretty awesome. Your thoughts?


So much space! Literally it’s half empty! :smile:

Keep the shots coming cause not many people can enjoy that resolution, stretched or not, we need more of this!

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Yah I actually attempted this on my 3-way setup @ 7680x1440 (bezel corrected x3 asus RoG Swifts)
and yes… tons and tons of space. Runs fine but its not realistic because some maps have a really limited FoV and a good chunk on the extreme right and left panels have no data… as well as other issues with the build screen being very squished. Would be nice if someone could mod it tho.

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Hmm, I’d be up to the task of modding it if it’s even possible- I’m not sure if anyone has tried before.

I remember seeing a thread where bitvenom said he was tinkering with trying to get the oculus working, if that’s the case then there has to be a setting for it somewhere.

If so then I could use my own dk1 and try it too :wink: fov at that point has to surpass 110 degrees.

I presume it would just require a formula that could scale the fov to account for the extra width, provided those options are open then I’ll do It. I’ve yet to tinker with the modding options but if it’s not hard coded into the engine then it should be possible.

Once I finish the campaign I’ll see if I can post some ultra widescreen shots- the Garden looks amazing like this.

utterly pointless

Could we not have people that are downers for the sake of being downers? Standard etiquette applies: if what you have to say is neither positive nor constructive, it shouldn’t be said. I, for one, am interested by these 6k shots.