Homeworld in Our Household!

As a consumer, we(wife and I) vote with our dollar and by posting in the forums. We bought Homeworld Remastered Collector’s Edition. We bought another digital copy for my wife. We are thinking of getting a third copy so we can make better videos --another hobby my wife and I enjoy together. We picked up the art book. We love the pictures, and the interviews are amazing! My wife’s HWR hoodie just arrived --she’s small and gets cold a lot when we play. :slight_smile: We did all this not only because we enjoy gaming together and simply wanted each item… it is also how we show the game developers what we want and what we like. Hopefully, in the future when they are determining what projects to do next(cough cough Homeworld 3), they will take into consideration the die-hard players.

Thanks for doing such a wonderful job remastering an old favorite!