Homeworld Key Rebinding Fix and Request

After some difficulties with windows, I had to do a clean install, leaving me with the oh-so-user-friendly experience of rebinding my keys.

Now, I remember having to customize the player .cfg way back when the game first came out, but this time that doesn’t seem to work as well as before. Long story short, I can have the ‘Menu’ command and the ‘Cancel’ command bound to the escape key, but this should have been patched ages ago.

Suggestions for Gearbox: make any key accessible. The two biggest ones that I very much would have liked to use were the Esc and the Tilde.

For anyone else who has troubles with this now or in the future, the simple solution:

-Rebind the Menu key to something unused, such as ‘P’

-Navigate to

-Open the folder ‘Profile 1’


-Scroll down in the ‘ControlsOptions’ section, and find “Menu”

86 (or your number of key, I think ‘P’ is 86)
…the 86 with a 27.

The ESC key is 27, but you can replace that with whatever key you prefer.