Homeworld Merch Available! :D (Now with pics!)

So, At PAX we got the amazing blue shirts, but I saw some black hoodies floating around as well. During the discussion, an art book was mentioned. [Hardcover, 236 pages]

Looks like they’re out and available, At least according to Amazon they’re arriving tomorrow.

Have at it, Friends! :smile:

From what I read, the book will have far more than what the Collector’s edition paperback does, If it’s of similar print quality, it should be pretty amazing.

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Are those T-shirts you mentioned available to the public too? :smiley:
I don’t like hoodies, but I may well nab that book!

I don’t believe they’re out quite yet- There were a good number left on the chairs at PAX, Some people went back to grab spares. My girlfriend attended with me, so I have one signed by Aaron and one for wear (took hers xD) but when I check through the item listing on Amazon it’s not showing up.

Not sure if it was a limited run, but it’d be nice to see some extra merch on the Gearbox store or Amazon, Heck, I’d even be willing to paint some for things like a Hiigaran interceptor squad on a teal shirt in the GB comic style :wink:

I’m super looking forward to the art book, Aaron’s concepts were pretty much the inspiration of my own art style, From what I read they’re based off Chris Foss’s old work, so it’s absolutely awesome.

The collector’s edition book is amazing but I don’t want to bend it or even really disturb it as I like it so much haha, I ended up getting two copies, One I intend to seal and the other for viewing- The hardcover would likely have similar art in it so I might end up getting two. I still have my old technical manuals from the original release from ~15 years ago :smiley:

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My own copy’s a little dog-eared these days but still a damned good read.
Cheers for the quick reply. I’ll keep my eyes peeled on Amazon. :no_mouth:

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Thanks for the heads up, art book on the way :smile:.

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How annoying!
It’s not available over here. :frowning:
(I’m in England).

You can purchase it on the US amazon website, they provide international shipping.

Ye gods it’s 46 quid nearly…

They do enjoying gouging us over the pond after all :x.

It is a bit pricey, but they are high quality prints. Since it’s mainly all art, That means there’s a lot of colour being printed on it, which raises the cost. (Due to ink cost)

I’d say it’s a fair price for 200+ pages of concepts, For me, they’re exceptional reference material for my style so I’d grab it even if it was $150 as there isn’t anything else quite like it.

If mine shows up tomorrow I’ll see if I can post a few screencaps if you’re still deciding if it’s worth it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s listed for $59.99 US- which if I’m reading the converstion rate right, is around $70 US if it’s showing as 46 quid. That is a bit steeper, but far less so than on things like game consoles.

I tend to measure things in Sandwiches, i.e. dominoes or similar food places- If something’s a bit pricier than I like, then I just skip a take-out for a day or two and I’ve recouped the $10 I would’ve spent on it +tip anyway.

All I can say is you must have very expensive sarnies over there. ^ ^

£45.88 was the total price including the basic shipping. (Roughly a fiver).
The book itself is just over 40 quid. That’s… pretty pricey even for a hardback.
But y’know what? Sod it.I love these games. :blush:

Haha, a bit. At least when I order. Sadly developed some expensive habits at a young age… lol. They’re usually around a fiver(UK)/sandwich. :smiley:

Aside from the cost of materials, Without love, it wouldn’t exist, so I’m just glad that it is indeed a thing that I can put on my desk :smile:

Oh sorry, it was pretty late and I didn’t mean to say that the artbook was too pricey. Far from it, I agree that 60$ for a 200+ hardcover quality prints is a pretty good deal.

I was refering to the VAT, import fees and all the conversion price gouging that always happens when importing from the US to Europe. In the end, we always have to pay something like twice the original price. It’s a tradition now :smile:.

I can’t wait to see your pictures of the book !

On Amazon US the Art Book is listed as unavailable/not in stock :frowning: But, the hoodie is :slight_smile: And apparently the CE is back in stock on Amazon US! For those who missed it, looks like you might be able to grab it now.

Ah, that makes more sense. Yeah, VAT is terribad, I wish it wasn’t a thing. I know it sucks for you guys across the pond but it also sucks here on a business side because we are either forced to charge it or not do it and make everyone hate doing their taxes lol.

UPS says it’s out for delivery but I have work so I’ll post shots when I get home! (provided it’s not at the main office when I go to check now)

@ Drizzt321 - I’m surprised it’s sold out! :open_mouth: I was contemplating buying a second copy to seal… Guess that’ll have to wait until more are in stock :\

Update: Looks like UPS let me down, Due to the intense fog, It got delayed by a day. So much for 1 day shipping. Third time it’s failed me since the 25th, lol. -__-

I’ll be keeping an eye out for the package this morning to see if I can add some shots. :slight_smile:

Artbook currently unavailable. :’(

Update: It’s here!

This thing is absolutely incredible. There are fewer full-colour shots than I expected, but it’s still super duper high quality. This reminds me of the original HW:1 technical manuals if you remember them- These are the original scans of all the concept art.

I think Collectors edition owners will appreciate their book a bit more, as the coloured pages in the back of the Collector’s edition are on Photo paper, Whereas in this book, it’s on really high quality regular paper. That said, you don’t get some of the shine that you do on the Collector’s edition, so both are definitely worth having.

The drawings are HUGE and the book completely surprised me with it’s size. I’ve added the Collector’s edition box for scale, I’d say it’s somewhere around 10"x8".

The book comes as a hardcover with a paper book-cover, This seems like it could get a little damaged or dog-eared over time with wear, but underneath is an absolutely gorgeous backing. It’s high quality, and it feels solid. Has that awesome new-book smell too- Love it. :slight_smile:

The second these are available again, I’m grabbing a second to keep sealed because I’ll be checking this out frequently for mods and new concepts based on the style. HW2 seems to have more colour shots, but they’re awesome nontheless. There’s some progenitor stuff in here too, as well as texture information and the backgrounds of the game.

Now, for the shots, Enjoy! :

In the end, Worth every freaking penny. I still can’t get over how huge it is- If you’re a fan of the game, a modder looking for reference or simply love good art, I deem this a must-have. They need to print more and fast! :smiley:

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Thanks for the report, it looks really good. By the way, is it going into Homeworld’s development history with some anecdotes and insight?