Homeworld Oem demo Dialog files in HRW? (Solved)

While extracting files to mod the game game and such, and i was curious and extraced one of the sound files of the game. what i found was a folde called OEM. this made me curious so i went inside and chekced.
Indeed, its the dialogs from the OEM mission of HW1 that was never released, but the thing is, is that the voice files are much higher in quality than the original from what i can remember.

Has there been any plans on bringing that mission back at some point?

Also, if this is the wrong section to post, please move it to the correct one if needed.

EDIT: Seems that my theory was correct. That mission was added in an update. That explains why the sound files in the OEM section was High in quality.

I jsuty want to say, thanks! It be fun to try it out again after so many years.