Homeworld Original with Multiplayer

I know this has been spoken before, but I always wanted to play Homeworld classic on Multiplayer matches like I could before. Cross-Steam/Disk Multiplayer would be better!

Someone would need to make a new server and online match making service using the old HW1 source code.

No one really cares to do that, or they would have already. Also, I believe there are licensing issues with that, even though the source has been released.

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If I could do it I would. Even if it was still property of whoever owns it, it would still be good.

Edit: @innociv where is the source code? I mean what website?

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There is a service you can try called Evolve. It’s a free service with adds (there’s premium if you don’t want adds). What you can use it to do, by way of making a party, is make a virtual LAN network. I’ve tested it playing Arma 3 and it worked fine for that playing with a couple friends (ping was norm around 50ms). If you have someone you know you can test it with, it may be worth a shot.

Obviously it’s not the same as full MP support, but if it works it works

Tunngle works for LAN stuff.

Ya tunngle is most recommended even unsupported games can be played in it as long as you and your friends are in any random game lobby. The special thing about this is unlike with older tools such as hamachi you don’t connect directly with unknown people in private networks.

Furthermore there are 1000 of players active for all various games another bonus over the other tools out there.

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