Homeworld patching/update news?

Has anyone heard from the developers about patching for the game to fix bugs?

Any new if the game is even being developed still? Also, is the game still split up between the base v2.x and the patch-beta from steam?

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No word on if the beta will be rolled into the public release. That’s why it’s important to spread the ilovehomeworld news! We need to get everyone onto v2.205! :slight_smile:

Realistically I wouldn’t expect the support cycle to extend further out than the two years we already got. That’s quite a normal development cycle.

Ah… bummer. I was kind of hoping they finish what they started. Or at least be out right honest about it and say so, if that is the case. But, as we all know, unless they say ‘homeworld is abandoned’, we have to hope and expect fixes and development… just like the last year or so.

Again, a bummer.

There is no fix. Other than BitVenom taking the initiative and going forward, we have no prayer of a fix.

And BitVenom hasn’t been around here for months now :confused: , not that I blame him, after all he got asigned to another project and was working on Homeworld in his spare time which is super awesome, just too bad it seems he got caught up in other stuff (which is understandable).

I do wish that a few bugs would get wacked and the beta would be merged

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Lately I hate that “one fighter of a formation refusing to dock, so he blocks the squadrons repairs until you notice it, manually blow it up, which only kills the one troublemaker so the squadron can finally repair and even undock” bug. I find it annoying to regularly encounter it twice in a single match.

Eh, I’ve pretty much given up on the game. The game breaking exploits of race imbalances and terrible bugs post patch have ruined the fun for me. That’s what gaming is about when it comes down to it. If you don’t have fun or take some kind of joy from a game, why bother?

Until the devs show some commitment not to just the game but to themselves, I’m out. Anyone else modding and still playing should keep it up it they are still excited about doing so though!

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I know how committed the devs are, so I will be here until the last light goes out. :slight_smile:


I admire your optimism, but I personally have to agree with Pouk, it has been over a year since we last heard from any dev working on the game (BitVenom doesn’t count since he is off the project) so it is imho quite safe to assume that this game’s support is dead and we will not get any further updates or even the patch preview as an official update :confused: .

Then we need to have a community mod patch that implements the things that are doable… and advertise it as a game fix.


Aside from the 666 bug (though there is a way around it to a degree), you are right. Heck I’d be willing to help one last time if there was a group together for this.

Modded fixes from weapon sounds to race balances are entirely possible.


Is there a master bug list somewhere?

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Yes, though many minor details and issues (such as puslar corvette weapon sounds, kushan destroyer ion turret sound, repair corvette targetting, etc) aren’t mentioned in the primary post.


I think it might also be useful to make a stickied post of known work around to certain bugs like the subsystem animation and other issues that are not resolvable without engine code changes


Happened to log in right when you posted this. I think that is a good idea too, however doing so would eliminate the ability to play online unless the other player(s) have the same edits. If someone were to post fixes and solutions, they might as well make a mod out of it for community use, which kinda goes back to what @herbyguitar posted earlier.

Finding the right person/team to do so is another story entirely, though. I’ll make a thread and see if there is any interest or volunteers for a homeworld community patch or something. Once upon a time, there was a community patch for homeworld that existed before the modding was overhauled and 2.0 came around.

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