Homeworld Rail Guns and Pew Pews

Whats going on here? Strike craft and corvette class ships had awesome sounds in homeworld 1, and now theyre just using the mothership pew pew guns? the sound design of the game was fantastic for its time, is this just temporary? anyone else bothered by this?

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Just wait and see… For all we know these sounds were placeholders. For instance we’ve seen bad harvester beam animations and then in the latest videos they were suddenly looking awesome and different. They either responded to the fans their negative feedback within a few days or simply and more likely showed us outdated stuff.

I’m a mod author myself and I showed my fan base as well usually only outdated map screenshots in order not to spoil to much so entire sections may have looked entirely different or more polished or using other more HD textures etc.

In case the sounds are final don’t be afraid. Us old time fans will re-release sound packs asap restoring the former sound glory of the originals and beyond. I for once can’t wait till in game music players arrive including the great music files Cataclysm offered this has been done before in HW2 mods. So no tough thing to get it done for the remastered edition as well.

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Do we really need two threads for this?

See About fighters sound effects in HW1

Good question but don’t blame me I just responded to it as any good elder would do… :slight_smile:

my bad, didnt see that thread. : (

As mentioned above, discussion is ongoing in that other thread, thankyou.