Homeworld Remaster formations shortcuts didn`t work

Before when the game was released the formations work but recently when I play the game In the remaster when I try to create formation like capital phalanx fighter screen or fright line the shortcuts didnt work they are by default F5 F6 F7 and the rest of them, but even if i change them to other keys they didnt respond and only work when select by the mouse.

We know, they’re broken while underlying systems are reworked.

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So that was was Aug `15… any progress? It still doesn’t work.

I was about to post nearly the same problem report, so I prefer to bump this post.
I retried the game a few hours ago, after I saw that HWR got the oh-my-god so long awaited patch (a big thank you to everyone who worked on this).
Ok, the formations looks perfect (didn’t try much, I want the best conditions before trying them), but I still can’t get any answer from formation hotkeys, delta to sphere.
I tried to assign them to F5-F10, and parade to F12. Parade works fine. Others don’t. Even if I assign them to something else (tried ctrl + a letter that wasn’t already used).

I found the solution : I clicked “Restore Controls”. And tadaaa ! It works now, even after reassigning with my F5-F10 old habits.
Something must have gone wrong after multiple patchs.

If anyone at Gearbox want to have a look at my old PLAYERCFG.LUA, I’ll be glad to help or upload it somewhere, but here only images are allowed for upload (yep, I tried).