Homeworld remasterd LP

I have started to do a homeworld lets play and i must say i am happy ro see this remaster hit the shelves. I have Always loved RTS’s but since the rise of the console couldn’t play mutch of them because there weren’t any comming out so im happy to see this one my latest episode is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sG-Tnha9wzA
called it revenge is a verry sweet thing
This episode of homeworld we take revenge on the fleet that destroyed our planet and almost exterminated our race.

next episode is up
homeworld remastered episode 5: blasting asteroids

In This episode of homeworld i try to defend my mothership against the dangers of space.

homeworld remastered episode 6: Gardens of Kadesh

This episode of homeworld we enter the nebula which is also known as the gardens of kadesh and it seems we are not alone.

homeworld remastered episode 7: a friendly signal ?!

this episode of homeworld remastered we venture forth and come into a heavy combat with so many explosions that michealbay would be proud.