Homeworld Remastered 1 and 2

Hello all

Im new to the forums.

Want to thank gearbox for the remastered versions, Still have homeworld 1 and 2 and homeworld cataclysm from back when they where released in picture perfect condition :smile:

Just finished playing through both of the remastered versions…

And i might be wrong but have you made it way to easy?

I remeber back in HW1 last map the sphere of ion frigates guarding the station where imense it was breathtaking there where so many ships and it was hard as hell, cause at aproach several ships would fire at you at once…

They where packed closer together making a perfect sphere of destruction.

Also when playing through hw1 remastered you can just lure away the ships and destroy/capture them 1 by 1. that im almost sure you couldent in the classic version either they went back to guard or they where replaced at a given time if you took to long…

HW1/HW2 remastered way to easy i think only part in hw2r that was hard where the map with hyperspace relays but only for a brief moment cause i dident have enough ru, but carriers came all the time so after 20 mins it was a piece of cake :confused:

Beside all the game braking changes like collectors or repair cant continuosly be set to do repair on ships aswell as formations are brocken beyond beliefs "having a full fleet and use one of the capital/frigate/fighter formations puts in a wide line half though the map :frowning:

But with that said it was a joy to once again play my favorite game of all time…

Still holding on to my 3 original versions of the game even though i cant use them on my system, its like part of the history :smiley:

Now i hope like many others do that we might soon see a Homeworld 3!!!
i remeber the fan base tried several times to get the attention of relic via various sites yelling begging that we wanted HW3 :smile:

But dident blackbird interactive buy/get the rights for the to use the name for their upcoming game

HOMEWORLD: Shipbreakers “seen recent videos on youtube where they changed the name again from homeworld to Hardware hmm why?”

I mean Rob Cunningham and Aaron Kambeitz wich now are part of Blackbird interactive where both founders of Relic Entertainment i know gearbox bought the rights for the homeworld titles, but what about blackbirds interactive Allowance to use Homeworld as the new name for their game wich gonna look like i guess any other land based rts “ta/sc/rd and so on” with hints to the original homeworld universe motherships and other ships on the ground kinda thing…

That also brings homeworld Cataclysm up i know the Source code might be lost some rumor say there might be a copy of it, woulden Rob and Aaron know more? :smiley: Or maybee they well remaster it themself as independent at some point…

Couldent you get parts or entire code by firing it up a orginal copy and then take it from the memory?
Or is it more of the shush kinda thing

Shush thing below:
"The short answer is because it’s usually a legal minefield, and there’s usually little or no return on the investment a company would need to put in to the effort.

The source code and assets of a game are intellectual property. It isn’t always true that all of the source code and assets are the property of a single development studio. For example, the studio may have licensed source code to some engine and made modifications to that code.

That means that the studio would need to identify and remove any source code or assets they do not have the license to redistribute or re-release. Similarly, they would need to vet the entire code base for references to trade secrets or other concepts that they are still bound by legal agreements to keep secret or contained. They’d probably want to scrape the source code for potentially offensive comments or references that may reflect poorly on the company.

That’s a lot of work for a non-trivial code base, and that’s still only presuming the legal ownership of the code is clear. In many cases with these sorts of games, the original IP holder is out of business or otherwise dissolved, and then you have the mess of who owns what of the remnants of the studio. This can be an extremely complex legal mess depending on how the studio went under and what the initial incorporation agreements were.

Given that, in these contexts, the games in question are usually no longer popular, it’s unlikely a studio (or the postmortem IP holder) would see any kind of return on the investment necessary to clean up and solve all the legal and other issues with the code. Failure to properly vet all the outstanding intellectual property legalities in a source code release could result in the IP holder of some violated property filing a lawsuit or taking other legal action against the company, as well.

Of course, all that being said, there’s another quite common reason that’s relatively orthogonal to the legal issues: they just don’t want to. Maybe they don’t care, maybe they are hoping to re-use some of the code later in a re-vitalization of the original game, et cetera. It’s their IP, they can choose how to distribute it. Or whether to distribute it at all."

Anyway i hope you are able to get it solve it or remake it yourself hence Cataclysm where far the best of standalone Homeworld exspirience with great story aswell and a fearfull enemy…

And its multiplayer balance where perfect, stoped playing that due to players using cheats creating diamonds and what not though :confused:

Anyway Cheers Gearbox and to the community

sorry for any misspeliign and gramtical errors im to old to learn it :smiley:

The videos here are an archive of promotional videos for HARDWARE: Shipbreakers. They were released in early 2013, prior to the announcement of the collaboration between Blackbird Interactive and Gearbox Software, when game changed to become a part of the Homeworld universe. - See more at: http://blackbirdinteractive.com/media/#sthash.dwQe9u6c.dpuf

Sooo yeah. They named them back because that was what they were originally named an what the project was originally about. Any future videos will be titled Homeworld.

Cata wasn’t made by relic, so none of the Relic guys would know anything about it besides what most everyone else has heard already. However, there was a post in the HW forums leading up to the release showing a stream where some guys BSed with some original Barking Dog guys (the ones that made Cata) and they mentioned that it was half way between being a large effort to recreate, and a little legal ambiguity caused by Barking Dog’s acquisition.