Homeworld Remastered 2.3 Players Patch

As far as I know not… It fixes everything I did test it and fighters kept their formations… :slight_smile:
If you’re unsure though best to contact the author of this package and ask him directly.

@alexheidl - This was fixed in the 2.0 patch, fighter and corvette formations now stay together in battle. Be sure to stay in Aggressive stance, as Normal/Evasive stance tells formations to break up during combat.

v2.3 fixes the Formation Targeting Bug:

Feel free to shoot me a PM if you have more questions.


I tried and it works! I didn‘t know the Thing with the agressive stance! Great!

But One thing still doesn‘t work for me: the Sphere Formation with Defense Order. In the Original HW 1 my Fighters Build a Sphere Arround the Target i told them to defend… in HW 1 RM they dont…

By the way: i can‘t Tell you how Glad i am for People like you who still work on my all-Time Favorite Game! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thank you!!!


That sphere formation behavior works as of the 2.0 patch, but only when guarding frigates and above. If I recall, I think Gearbox did this to avoid the hw1c battleball exploit:

Amen :slight_smile:


Hello :slight_smile:

I think I found a minor bug. The Strikecraft & Support Only game option is meant to restrict access to frigate-class warships and above. However, I was able to research the drone frigate (Kushan) despite being unable to build it.


echo7 - I just added this to the HWR Bug & Solutions thread.

A fix will be in the next update!


Also I think you missed a research. Kushan Assault Frigate research was also available. Despite not being able to build it its still there.

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You mean Capital Ship Chassis? I think that should be left because both Capital Ship Drive (unlocks Support Frigates) and Capital Ship Chassis (unlocks Assault Frigates) are prerequisites to Super-Capital Ship Drive, which unlocks Carriers, but Carriers are not restricted ^^

I found another bug, but it is about CPUs (again, not a priority). Basically they sometimes don’t harvest in their starting position:

EDIT: (this isn’t even a bug, just an UI asymmetry) in the ships subsystem build menu, Hiigaran have Hiperspace Module, Iperspace Inhibitor, Cloack Module and Fire Control Tower in this order; Vaygr have Cloack Module, Iperspace Inhibitor, Iperspace Module and Fire Control Tower in this order.

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Yeah you are right it is Capital Ship Chassis. I also agree that it should be left alone

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@echo7 - I believe that only occurs when you start very close to the enemy AI. The AI may then decide to move away from you before setting up base. Its been like this since hw2c and appears to be intentional.

Regarding the UI module order: Relic and Gearbox wanted these races asymmetrical, so its possible this was intentional. Probably best to leave it as is. The Hyperspace Inhibitor module even has a different name for Vaygr (Gravity Well Generator).

Moving away actually makes the AI start with a disvantage, since it will inevitably harvest less, but if it is intentional then it must have been thoroughly thought over.

I definitively need to play more with Vaygr: the more I get used to them, the less upside-down they will feel :upside_down_face: (I guess)

I‘ve found something too:

As far as i can remember, in the Original HW1 the research-ship (complete with all modules) was rotating. it doesn‘t do that in the remaster…

But Maybe my remember about it is bugged :smiley:

If I recall correctly, that is an engine limitation with the remastered version of the game.

Just released a huge update in honor of Homeworld Remastered’s recent 3 year anniversary. Big thanks to Trebic, NoOne, Dwarfinator, Dom2, and Fear for helping with this update! Details on all the enhancements are below.

Additionally a GOG version is now available! See the link in the OP.

Gameplay and UI Options
Gearbox/Relic partially developed some of these options, but never implemented them in the game. By popular demand, they have now been added to HWR:
Added a Mission Difficulty adjuster. At the start of each campaign mission, extra enemy AI reinforcement ships and RU are added based on your fleet size and RU. This dynamic scaling difficulty can now be adjusted.
Added a Camera Pan Speed adjuster. This lets players increase the camera speed to move around maps faster with the arrow keys and edge of screen mouse pan.
Added a Camera Max Zoom adjuster. This lets players increase the maximum distance the camera can zoom out before having to use the sensors manager.
Added a Build/Research/Launch Panel adjuster. This lets players set and save the size of the Build/Research/Launch menus in the options. Previously these were adjustable, but their size was not saved across games.

HWR Bugs Fixes and Improvements
Improved the spacing in the build/research queues for better readability.
The ‘Research Ship Complete’ audio is now played after each additional Kushan/Taiidan Research Ship Hub is built.
Kushan Research Ship’s with all six hubs, now spin like they did in hw1c.
Kushan/Taiidan corvettes now respond quickly to certain attack orders, without a long delay.
Removed Kushan/Taiidan repair ships from military selection priority.
Fixed the major cross race docking bug on the Kushan Support Frigate.
Fixed the player colors on the Kushan Heavy Cruiser ion turrets.
In the Strikecraft & Support Only game mode, Kushan Drone Technology research is now disabled as intended.
In the Strikecraft & Support Only game mode, Vaygr carrier health now matches the other races as intended.

Hyperspace exit damage lowered from 25% to 10%, when running into a hyperspace inhibitor
Probe cost 70->100 (half way between hw1c and hw2c).
Addressed the gun alignment on the Hiigaran Shipyard and Vaygr Scout. They were shooting to the side of their targets, and rarely landing hits vs small targets like probes and fighters.
Hiigaran Ion Cannon Platform damage down 17% (same as hw2c).
Vaygr Heavy Missile Platform damage down 15% (same as hw2c).
Kushan/Taiidan Multi-Gun Corvette cost 300->235. Research time down 36%. (general buff, and to balance vs hw2 corvettes)
Kushan/Taiidan Heavy Corvette cost 285->240. Build time down 9%. Research time down 33%. (general buff, and to balance vs hw2 corvettes)
Kushan/Taiidan Missile Destroyer damage vs hw1 corvettes down 40% (now performs similar vs hw1 and hw2 corvettes).
Kushan/Taiidan Missile Destroyer speed up 12%. (relatively closer to hw1c)

Campaign Missions
In Homeworld 1, updated the parade formations to better handle salvaged ships.
In Homeworld 1 mission 2 & 4, fixed the turanic missile corvette’s missile burn effects.
In Homeworld 1 mission 3, increased the cryo tray health further (to be closer to hw1c gameplay).
In Homeworld 1 mission 4, increased turanic ion array frigate speed to be relatively similar to hw1c.
In Homeworld 1 mission 7 & 8, properly balanced kushan ships vs swarmers to better reflect hw1c gameplay. Corrected swarmer behavior so they dock correctly, and don’t stop attacking unexpectedly.
In Homeworld 1 mission 7, the enemy AI reinforcements now work properly based on your starting fleet value.
In Homeworld 1 mission 7, fixed an issue where the multi-gun corvette research sometimes doesn’t get enabled.
In Homeworld 1 mission 8, increased kadesh multi-beam frigate health and speed to be relatively similar to hw1c.
In Homeworld 1 mission 8, lowered the accuracy of the kadesh mothership ion cannons vs moving fighters and corvettes.
In Homeworld 1 mission 8, kadesh ships now properly defend the final area like in hw1c.
In Homeworld 1 mission 10, fixed the camera location at the start of the mission.


You guys are freakin awesome! Thanks so much for continuing to improve the game :star_struck: I love that the panel adjustments now get saved, that was such an annoying little thing :smile:


Awesome work you guys!!!



Nicely done on the update…

Another thing regarding animations are the probes… They used to spin around while moving in hw1c.


It’s great you guys are on this. I mean really really great


I’ve done nothing, I promise ! :scream:


Haha, well @NoOne wanted to give you credit for helping him with the Mission Difficulty adjuster slider. Plus you helped me with general slider/UI questions via PM. None of the additional gameplay/UI options would exist without your help and expertise.