Homeworld Remastered 2.3 Players Patch

El Rizzo, That’s just how its always worked.

Fluffy, HWR syncs can happen. One problem is people dropping below 20fps:

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Also to your other point, ya its hard to get all the players in multiplayer on board with taking extra steps to play. Especially new/casual players. That’s why the v2.205 patch preview only lasted in multiplayer for about a month, before everyone gave up and went back to v2.1. 2.205 also had two other barriers: you had to re-download it every-time you switched versions, and sometimes the multiplayer chat lobbies were separate splitting the community. Hopefully 2.3 fares better, as it doesn’t have either of those problems.

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Oh thanx. I wil keep an eye on my frame rate next time. Would be nice as an official patch. Were you ever able to get into contact with BitVenom to ask him?

Ok kept an eye on frame rate. Happens randomly in 1v1 with low unit count even so no idea why. Stable 75 fps. Happens 80% of games I tried with this mod. Will test it with no mod.

I’ve owned the game since release and have not been able to successfully complete an online match.

Also, Moore’s law seems to be dead for individual CPU cores, so we’re SOL for the foreseeable future.

Had 5 games without using mods and no problems. I only have this problem when using the mod.
I am sorry to hear you can’t even play normal multiplayer.

Fluffy, so far your the only person I’ve heard of having sync issues with this - so its likely the problem was on your end or whoever you were playing with. Common syncing problems include slow PCs, internet problems/interruptions, steam server problems, and the HWR engine itself. The core engine has been notorious for syncs since it was first released as Homeworld 2 in 2003. Heck, the Gearbox team and I spent a ton of time prior to the 2.0 patch release, just trying to iron out some sync problems. So I’m happy they’re much less common now than they used to be. Lets take this conversation to PM, and see if we can figure out whats going on.

As far as an official patch, that’d be nice. The right people were notified when Trebic fixed the 666 bug last month, so anythings possible. But we haven’t seen an update since the 2.205 patch preview on July 5th 2016, so its doubtful. If the community is serious about getting this officially patched, maybe someone should start a kickstarter and raise 10k+ to draw some real attention. This already has over 1k subscribers on Steam, so that’s just $10 bucks each.

What exactly did he do to fix Bug 666? Is it in the patch notes? Will there be a “This is how you fix your mod to make it compatible with the community patch” thread?

Hmm, I don’t think gearbox should get any more money from us for this disaster. Abandoning work like this is unprofessional and shouldn’t be tolerated, let alone supported. Also, let’s not forget how unreliable kickstarters are at delivering their promises or rewards.

If it gets to a point where the community is more passionate and capable at developing the game, I think gearbox could atone by giving it over to the community. Look at IL-2 Cliffs of Dover for example. It was and AWFUL game at launch and had so many issues. Thankfully, after some years the devs gave it to a modding team that had already fixed and added so many features in a community patch of sorts. Currently the modders are the developers, and have already incorporated their patches into a steam patch. Community devision… solved.

The IL-2 game is a flight simulator with many engine problems that were reworked. Realistic simulator mechanics in general are not easy to tackle.

Really, homeworld doesn’t need too many reworks of mechanics, so a simple patch or two with a hotfix could be community driven and made. But hey, I’m glad to see the patch fixing the elephant of a bug we had, and at the end of the day, fans who seek out the answer now have it.

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NOTE: My MOD is HW2 RM only.

question… i love the path and want to play along wiht my mod but I also have a few ship tweaks for my mod as well so the AI get more use of cloak, hyperspace gates, mine layers, and shields.

when running this patch overwrite my changes to the above items?

cloak on carrier: lowered the burn rate of energy so they cloak a little longer for escapes.
hyperspace gates: I don’t see them used much in MP so i lowered cost to 500 to connect them.
mine layers: I increased the mine duration so players (ai and human) actually have time to prepare for a battle or defense. I also don’t see these used often online at all… unless i am playing. hehe

shield ship: not done anything with this yet but was going to increase the shield size about 20%…

In checking out the patch notes I did not see anything on these items…

@Mikali and @b8factor:
1/3/18 Edit: For modding information, see the ReadMe here.


Updated the 2.3 Players Patch today:
Implemented the latest and greatest 666 Fix. With the 666 bug resolved, all fighters have now gone through a very thorough balance testing process. Tweaks were made as needed to align them with intended balance that Gearbox and the balance testers had crafted.

Pulsar Corvettes, Missile Corvettes, and Heavy Corvettes are now properly balanced vs each other. There was some weird problems like Taiidan always beating Kushan, which was not intended. FYI Laser Corvettes were the only corvettes negatively impacted by 666, and they are now working correctly.

Fixed Hiigaran Gunship weapon sound effects (they were playing pulsar sounds)
Fixed Kushan and Taiidan Repair Corvette sound effects (so they no longer play gun noises while repairing)
Fixed Taiidan Resource Controller nlips clipping (docked collectors would appear inside the controller when zoomed out)
The game mode now says “Homeworld Remastered v2.3” when hosting games in multiplayer.

Also made a minor update two weeks back that:
Resolved the syncing problem in multiplayer
Fixed Kushan destroyer ion cannon sound effects (they were silent in v2.1)
Kushan and Taiidan corvettes now move around their targets a lot more in combat (similar to homeworld 1 classic)


Is the update already uploaded to steam ? Because so far steam hasn’t downloaded anything since yesterday and it should do so automatically.

Yes. Steam automatically downloads workshop content the next time you play it.

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Yeah, usually it updates the files without having to run the game, which is what happened last time you updated the patch. I simply unsubscribed and resubscribed to update it :stuck_out_tongue:

And I wanna say once again, THANK YOU and everyone else involved for providing this patch, it is super awesome of you guys :slight_smile:


Just thought I would report an issue.

When playing in 4k the build/research/launch menu start super scrunched up on the right and must be dragged left before you can click on anything.

It kinda impacts the start of the game.

That is not caused by the patch though, it was like that with the vanilla game as well. I agree though that it is super annoying and if the patch could fix it, that would be great :slight_smile:

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You should link to this in the first post so it doesn’t get lost later.

@pbobbert @maelrizzo - HWR’s Build/Research/Launch Menu Scaling problem will be fixed in the next update.

@Mikali - I’ve now created a full ReadMe here. I also included a link to the ReadMe in the Steam Workshop description.

Also I recently learned that the this should work on Mac right from the Steam Workshop! If anyone has a Mac, please try it out and let me know how it goes.


That sounds awesome! :slight_smile: Can’t say often enough how freakin great you guys are for doing this!


Just released another update! Lots of improvements, and more are planned for the next update.

HWR Bug Fixes:
Fixed the build/research/launch menu scaling problem, that primarily affects 4k resolutions
Fixed the build and research queue pause buttons, so that they no longer get disabled
Fixed the race specific research tabs, so that they are hidden based on the race your playing
Fixed Taiidan’s Emperor voice, when playing the ‘Homeworld 1 Deathmatch’ game type (it was playing Vaygr’s Makaan voice)

Hiigaran bombers now check their line of fire like the other races do, to avoid friendly fire incidents
Added a Vast unit cap option by request. This is double the size of Huge, and only recommended for very fast machines.

Campaign Missions:
In Homeworld 1 mission 3, increased the cryo tray health (Gearbox increased the health on most Kushan/Taiidan ships to balance vs Hiigaran/Vaygr upgrades, but forgot some campaign only ships).
In Homeworld 1 mission 4, the objective is now complete as soon as the carrier is killed, rather than after the explosion animation finishes (to prevent a timing error).
In Homeworld 2 mission 2, the mothership’s engine speed now matches the audio cues and hw2c.
In Homeworld 2 mission 2, the transport ships’ speed now increases after events as they did hw2c.
In Homeworld 2 mission 2, increased Captain Soban’s weapon damage to match hw2c.

Also there was a minor update in early December so the game mode says “Homeworld Remastered v2.3” when hosting games in multiplayer