Homeworld Remastered 2.3 Players Patch

Nicely done on the update…

Another thing regarding animations are the probes… They used to spin around while moving in hw1c.


It’s great you guys are on this. I mean really really great


I’ve done nothing, I promise ! :scream:


Haha, well @NoOne wanted to give you credit for helping him with the Mission Difficulty adjuster slider. Plus you helped me with general slider/UI questions via PM. None of the additional gameplay/UI options would exist without your help and expertise.


Thank you all for spending so much Time to improve the experience of HWR for us!

It‘s so nice to have the same feeling with this Game as back in 1999. Today it Works nearly as Perfect for me - like in the old days… And your Great work is very important for this Flower in the Deserts of Games :wink: :+1:t2:


You’re more than welcome <3


No words for how much you guys rock. Really nice to see fans pick up the torch from Gearbox’s already great work and take us the extra few miles to reach perfection. :slight_smile:


On HW1RM mission 2 I harvested all the resources before triggering the events, so I was able to make a lot of Heavy Corvettes and I ended up killing the Turanic Mothership… but now the mission won’t progress and is stuck on the fifth objective :disappointed_relieved:

I think this is a known HWR bug. Ive heard this can happen on HW1 Mission 7 with the Kadeshi mothership too. Hopefully someone will fix this for a future update. Just restart the mission and go easy on that mothership.

Hello everyone, I am so overjoyed to find that the community has taken the game forward so much. I am new here and have a few questions:

  1. Is the fuel issue fixed for HW1 now?
  2. Does the Kadeshi mothership still ram capital ships like it used to do in the original? Level 7 being easier than the original was a major bummer to me in 2015.
  3. Does the Junkyard Dog work like how it did in HW1?

Thanks all if anyone can answer.

Hello :slight_smile: I’ll try to answer what I can

  1. No fuel, but in the campaign the Kadeshi swarmers are fixed: they now “pretend” to refuel with a script and don’t remain dead in the water like they did previously
  2. and 3. I don’t know, on my second campaing playthrough I stopped at mission 2 because I just wanted to see if there were still too many resources as in previous versions; and I was able to make a lot of heavy corvettes and overwhelmed the Turanic mothership :frowning:

Ah Cloaked, I almost forgot to ask you two things:

  1. Is it intended that HW1 assault frigates have a hard time hitting light corvettes without using gws?
  2. How are Hiig ints and Vaygr assault craft versus each other?

Thank you for the answers :slight_smile:

1: Only Kadeshi has fuel in Remastered. This was a design decision by Gearbox.
2: I don’t believe the Kadeshi mothership can ram, but hw1 mission 7 has been improved a lot to better feel like the classic.
3. Someone else more knowledgeable on the campaign would have to confirm. We haven’t touched the Junkyard Dog, but it may have been touched by Gearbox since v1.0 and not mentioned in their change notes. I did however recently hear that this mission is a challenge.

1: Yes. hw1 assault frigate accuracy hasn’t changed since v2.0, but their damage vs corvettes was reduced in v2.205. Just did a few quick tests, and it takes 4 hw1 assault frigates 2 minutes to kill 20 light corvettes. They’re a good counter to corvettes even without GWs, just takes longer to kill moving targets.
2: Fighters are meticulously balanced vs each other. 15 Hiigaran Interceptor squads vs 15 Vaygr Assault Craft squads comes out even within 1% over an average of 30 tests. Same for Kushan Interceptors vs Taiidan Interceptors. Note that with no micro, the hw1 interceptors are favored by 5% over the hw2 interceptors by design, as hw2 squads can dock to regenerate.

Compare that to v2.1, where Taiidan Interceptors always beat Kushan interceptors… Gearbox gave both ships the same weapon, but didn’t realize that the different shape/size of each ship affects balance with the 2.0 patch’s simulated ballistics. Plus the 666 formation bug and hw1 scout damage bug wrecked havok on the intended fighter balance.

Another thing I noticed while playing mission 2 is that my repair corvettes can repair salvaged turanic missile corvettes but not standard corvettes.

That’s an easy fix. I did an audit on all the other ships in HWR too. Looks like the hw1 mission 3 cryo trays cannot be repaired either. Can anyone confirm if this was possible in hw1c?

I just re-played the mission with 2.3 patch and they can be repaired.

EDIT: they can be repaired in 2.1 too :slight_smile:

EDIT 2: Another thing I’m noticing while playing the campaign is that captured turanic corvettes can be retired on the same mission for some RUs, while for ion cannon I need to wait the next mission to be able to retire them.


Ack, I was looking at the mission 1 cryo trays! The mission 3 cryo trays can indeed be repaired.

Regarding retiring turanic ion array frigates, that’s an easy fix. Looks like the Kadeshi multi-beam frigate was affected too.


So, I played and replayed the same missions of the campaign with different settings of the difficulty slider. My experience is that I get too many RUs and so I’m able to max out my fleet pretty early on (any good RTS player knows that s/he should not venture into the next mission while still having many unspent resources). At the standard difficulty, the game is too easy for me, so I decided to step up the difficulty, but now the enemy has too many ships: on mission 5, with a difficulty of 1.5, the enemy attacks with around 20 or more assault frigates and 5 destroyers. I have maxed out fleet and I can barely hold them off (all the enemy’s capitals go stright for my mothership).

Leaving aside the trick that it is possible to retire my whole fleet before starting the next mission, is it me who is noob? Is difficulty 3.0 too much? Or there are just too many RUs that tricks players into maxing out fleets?

I guess you know all about how the AI scales up to your fleet size?

If your looking for a bit more of a challenge, perhaps try the mission difficulty scale at 1.25. That should make the difficulty roughly 25% stronger. Using a mission difficulty scale of 2 for example, may double the amount of enemy ships on many missions. Its similar to playing a skirmish game vs multiple CPUs, which can be quite a challenge.

Actually I don’t. I just vaguely remember there are some “fixed” units that didn’t change in number and the “reinforcements” that scales up based on how big the player’s fleet is at the start of the mission. I might very well be mistaken though.

So at the maxed out difficulty it almost triples the units that would spawn normally? Are there really people who can win missions under such adverse odds? I’m humbled :open_mouth:

I also have some questions about the Taiidan special units (that is, the defense fighter and the defense field frigate). Thanks in advance for the answers :slight_smile:

  1. Do defense fighers only counter missiles?
  2. Are there exceptions / missiles that it does not block?
  3. How much is the % blocked?
  4. Up to how much % does it stack?
  5. What happens if a missile is fired inside the field?
  6. Do field frigates only counter bullets?
  7. Are bomber’s and frigate’s plasma bombs and laser corvette’s lasers considered bullets too?
  8. Are there exceptions / bullets that are not blocked?
  9. What happens if a bullet is fired inside the field?